Problem with APU memory speed

So I have the A10-7850k and G.SKILL Ripjaws X 2133 Mhz. RAM.  When I open GPU-Z the memory for the R7 graphics is at 1066 Mhz.  Why is this?  Should it not be 2133 Mhz?  I went into the UEFI and set it to 2133 Mhz, unless I did it incorrectly.

Motherboard is the ASROCK FM2A88M-HD+.


double data rate


^ This.

It threw me too at first. I knew DDR was double data rate but assumed at least ONE monitoring software would be smart enough to do a simple x2 modification so it matches, honestly no Idea why CPU-Z can't just do a x2 within the program

Same here too