Problem with all games on my pc

Whenever i play a game on my PC no matter what the game is the audio will glitch and screen will go black for a few seconds randomly during game play, and then everything goes back to normal until it happens again. any suggestions on what could be causing this?



CPU intel i5-3570k 

GPU nvidia GeForce 660 ti

PSU antec 550w 

RAM g.skill ripjaws 8gb


I'm not too sure but it could be something like your drivers need updating or an overclock on your GPU is unstable. I'm not sure sorry, although I did have something where the overclock was unstable causing audio glitches and the screen to go black.

Yeah.  First step should always be making sure your drivers are all up to date.  If that doesn't help, then you may want to run memtest as problems like this can be caused by memory errors.  If your memory comes up clean, then I'd look to your graphics card.  A GPU stress test could tell you if there are any issues, but I usually just swap it out for another card (if you have one handy that is) and see if the problem persists.

That's where I'd start.  You may want to also run a DFT as well, as those issues could be caused by a hard drive starting to fail, though I'd put my money of drivers, memory or GPU myself.

well it Definitely seems like it's the gpu that's the problem. so i'm guessing ill need to buy a new one to fix the issues I've been having?

  1. Download this, remove your drivers with it.
  2. Restart PC, download and install new drivers from the nvidia website.
  3. If that doesn't work, remove the drivers again, turn of your computer, unplug your graphics card, restart the computer and try with the CPUS intergrated graphics.

And tell us how that goes.

well i did steps one and two and had the same problems, but i've been unable to do step 3 because my monitors aren't able to get a signal without out being plugged in to my gpu.

So your iGPU isn't working??? That seems really odd/impossible if your CPU is okay...plug your monitors up to the back of your motherboard with your GPU completely removed from the computer and see if that works.

Your iGPU will allow you to troubleshoot using process of elimination to make sure that the discrete GPU is the only thing failing.

yeah, that's what I've been doing and still nothing