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Problem rooting my htc evo 4g (already unlocked)

i am unlocked and had a root for a while but took it off and did my nandriod back up and went back to stock. i want to reroot and i cant get into the recovery i keep getting the phone with the triangle and exclamation point when i clock to go into recovery. i tried doikng the pc36IMG update to fix but i keep getting main version is older. and i can not figure this out. here is the picture of the error message and my htc evo 4g info. 
thank you in advance and if im in the wrong section please point me to the right place

here is what i get when i try to update

There are many rooting tool such as KIng Root, SP Flash Tool to root your HTC evo 4g. Follow each and every steps correctly while rooting your phone. Do not disturb the rooting process, if you do so it will lead to many problems such as your phone willl be bricked. To unbrick your phone, you can use SP Flash Tool by downloading the latest version of SP Flash Tool

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