Problem overclocking CrossOver 27QHD-P

(first time posting and overclocking a monitor)

I bought a crossover monitor after watching the review of the crossover 27qd-p
I searched ebay for the monitor and found this one (CrossOver 27QHD-P)
The monitor arrived a couple of days ago. it look amazing. I noticed that unlike the monitor in the review it has a glossy finish.
Today i tried to overclock it as instructed in the video but when I try to change the refresh rate it shows a blank screen (have tried 74,75,94,95).
only when i tried 61hz I was successful.

my GPU is a radeon R9 280X, OS windows 7 home premium.

Can anyone help me or explain what the problem is?
Thanks in advance

The monitor you bought is not the same one in that overclocking video. Different models.

I'd send it back