Problem choosing between FX 8320 and I5 4670K!

Hey ;D
I am having some problems choosing between the i5 and the 8320.
So I am just wondering if there anyone that could put some info one the board for me.

Thanks for answers ;D

Don't compare the 4670k. The 4690k is the new Devil's Canyon part and is what you wanna go for. It is the same price as the old 4670k. 

If you are just gaming then they are about equal. Some games do better on the i5 some better on the 8350. Some games, like those with poor optimization for multiple cores (ARMA/DAYZ/WOW) don't run as well on the 8350. That being said they aren't pathetic and with a good GPU you'll have no problem running them.

In things like productivity, video editing and rendering the 8350 is usually a bit better.

You have to think of the platform you are going to be buying into though. If you go AM3+ (8350) you are buying into a dead platform. No more CPUs will be made for that Socket so you have no upgrade path. If you went with the i5 and a Z97 board you'll be able to upgrade to a Broadwell CPU later on. That being said, the platforms are relatively similar. You get similar amounts of SATA, PCIE and USB connections and Z97 does have some nice features like M.2 and SATA Express but those aren't really anything to write home about. 

Personally, I don't think the dead socket thing matters too much anyway. The 8350 will easily be competitive for two or three more years. By that time AMD will have a new platform anyway. Same with the Intel. Yes you could upgrade to Broadwell but other than lower power consumption I doubt performance will be much better than Haswell. By the time they come out with a CPU that is faster than Haswell it will be on Socket 1151 and incompatible with Z97 anyway.

It should be noted that AMD usually offers better virtualization support and the 8350 is better for VMs if that's your thing. Also the 8350 is a better overclocker. If you don't wanna overclock then don't get the 4690k go with the locked part of a Xeon 1230V3.

An 8350/8320 and a good 990FX board will be cheaper than a 4690k and a good Z97 board. That being said there are good mITX and mATX Z97 boards out there. 990FX is pretty much only ATX. So if you want a small system you need to go Intel. 

Thanks for your answer. In my situation I will go with the AMD part because of the budget and what I do with my PC.


BTW, where I live the have dropped the price on the 4670k so its cheaper than the 4690k, but they have also dropped the price on the 8320 so that is the reason just so you know ;D