Problem asus p8z77 i deluxe

I've done a stupid thing I guess. In the bios options I disabled the usb devices on startup because it said it would boot faster. But now I want to get in the bios but I can't because my keyboard doesn't wurk until windows is in the desktop. Anyone has a solution for this? Thanks a lot

do you have a ps/2 keyboard?

reset the the bios to defult (pull out the bios battery for a cuple of mins then put it back in)

No just usb.

Don't really want to do that honestly. I'll have to reinstall my cpu cooler. In fact I don't even know how to pull out the battery or where it's located.

What are you talking about? 

You whont have to reinstall enything.

The bios battery is on all motherboards and looks like a big watch battery it looks like this 


Yours is here --->


You can clear the CMOS with the dedicated button on the back of the motherboard. No need to take out the battery, or take off the cooler. You can see it on 3:30 of the review -