Problem applying OVMF patch

I’ve been making problems with the UEFI firmware from OVMF not showing up when creating a VM in virt-manager and after some googling found out that there seems to be a bug in OVMF or something that requires a manual patch to fix until arch fixes the package or something. Anyways I downloaded the patch file found here but I am unable to run it successfully. I typed sudo patch < ovmf-pkgbuild.patch and I get an error that looks like this…

I’m not sure how to get this working and I am kind of a newb when it comes to using QEMU and virtualisation on Linux in general. I already have my GPU isolated from the host OS and everything is good so far except I can’t use UEFI firmware.

@Kilobytez95 the error is pretty clean. Look at the line that it is complaining about. It is possible that your folder structure is a little bit different so you may need to edit the patch file.