Problem accessing websites

I'm constantly redirected to the router's "The page you requested is not available" page, or other 404 error pages. It's mostly when pressing links on other websites, but occasionally when typing in the website or pressing a bookmark. (I can usually access it by refreshing the page a couple of times). I'm using a D-Link router via LAN, unlike the rest of the family that are on wifi. And from what I know I'm the only one with this problem. Do you know what could be causing this? I guess it seems like a DNS problem, but I haven't changed my DNS, so shouldn't everyone have the same problem then? Or is it different in some way over lan and wifi?

BTW, if I were to change DNS, are there any you could recommend? What about Google or OpenDNS? How is the security with different DNS servers?


Open command prompt, type:

  • /ipconfig release - press enter,
  • /ipconfig flushdns - press enter,
  • /ipconfig renew - press enter.

After doing this check a few of sites, if the problem persists then you can try changing your DNS server, Google DNS is fine. After changing it if you still have issues then it could be something wrong with the router, which is generally the first thing that you bypass when you have internet connectivity issues.

The first steps seems to have worked a bit. The problem was still there, but definitely didn't happen as often as before. I changed to Google DNS and after browsing for a while the problem seems to be gone. So I guess I'll stay on that for now, and if it starts happening again I'll check if there is something I can do with the router.

Thanks for your help!

You're welcome! Maybe look into getting one of the recommended VPN services eventually to replace the GoogleDNS as I've heard some pretty unsettling things about data tracking in that neck of the woods. As for the router that's a mixed bag, I've gone through so many over the years that for some reason or another just stop performing properly unless I do a hard reset to factory defaults every 6 or so months.