Probably ran out of GPU memory

Alright. So Im guessing that this might be a case where I've ran out of GPU memory.


I've played BF3 on high (1080) 

And GTA IV on med-high settings.


I got a hd7870 2gb and Im guessing that both of those games have eaten out all my GPU memory because I noticed small crashes in minecraft (which Ive also started to play) and then the more I played the more the crashes became more frequent and then then I got a bluescreen.


So, how do I release my GPU memory? Which Im guessing is the problem.

Oh and did I mention that it's not only minecraft it's crashes? it's pretty much every game I play.

Maybe use gpu-z and just check how much memory you are actually using. In the sensors section there is the memory part, from there you can click on the little arrow, then select 'highest reading' or whatever it is. Play the above games. alt-tab out and see what the readings are.

I very much doubt that your instability is caused by running out of video memory. More like something not getting enough power or a driver issue.

What are your exact pc specs? If you dont mind me asking.

Have you tried uninstalling drivers, running driversweeper then re-installing the latest certified drivers (not the beta's just to be sure)

Here's my exact PC specs:


i3 2120 (don't hate, budget build)

Gigabyte hd7870 2gb OC (it's the 3rd fan version, and also the version that starts out at 1100mhz)

8gb RAM (no-name)

Be quiet L8 630w +bronze

Asrock B75 Pro3 mobo

Corsair Carbide 300r (not really a nice case)


Coolermaster hyper 212 EVO

And the OS is W7 64-bit, fake version.


Now, for how much memory everything is taking up (dedicated)


BF3:  1442 MB 

GTA IV: 372 MB (much lower than I thought)

Minecraft: 309 MB


This are dedicated memory usage and I've only checked how much it was at when I've launched a game, and then went into a game for barely half a minute. But I'm no real expert, Im somewhat tech savvy but I'm not that good.

Alright, I fixed it by reinstalling my GPU drivers and fixed some settings.


Thanks you deejeta for helping me out! :)

Alright, I fixed it by reinstalling my GPU drivers and fixed some settings.


Thanks you deejeta for helping me out! :)

Use msi afterburner to show how much vram your gpu is useing in game (my hd7850 rarely use's over 1gb of vram @ max setings @ 1080p 1920x1080p)

No worries mate, anytime.   :-)

update you drivers to the latest version and check for stability on your other components I should not be running out of memory on the gpu with 2gb and also If it does that does not cause a crash it should just have a fps dip when it runs out of room.

If you experience any problems in the future, don't assume it's your GPU, because your CPU is definitely the bottleneck in your system. I would upgrade the CPU as soon as possible if I were you.