Pro Tip: How to Fix Wlan Hardware

If you are in a home network, power cycle your modem and router.

if you are getting limited or no connectivity. Or are having issues with connect to a wireless network, here are some basic troubleshooting tasks to fix your issue.

start cmd as admin.

netsh set opmode disable firewall

netsh wlan show profile

This will list the ssid's you have cached on your computer.

netsh wlan delete profile name = "Case Sensitive Name"

reconnect. This will have you re-enter your password.

If you're still having issues, run > devmgmt.msc go to network adapters.

run > snippingtool. take a screenshot of your network adapter and save it.

Use google to search nic drivers, and save the .exe (don't run it.) You'll need it as a redundancy.

under devmgmt.msc, delete / uninstall your network adapter and restart your computer.

Your computer should automatically re-install your network driver, but if this doesn't work, then you will have the driver downloaded from before.

This is a basic starting point on how to start debugging a wlan card. If the new drivers don't work, then you'll have to check into the software. Outside of TCP/IP issues, higher level network debugging, this should resolve most hardware nic issues. If it doesn't, then you have to check switch / router.

Does anyone else have any tips on debugging a wlan card or a nic?

This is usually my starting point...


These (daily?) pro tips are cool. I've seen two so far and I like what you are doing. I encourage additional pro tips threads in the future.

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Thank you! I will do more as I think of them. It's just normal stuff I've learned around the job. I'll do one on how to remove viruses / malware manually. Thank you for your support and the compliment. It means a lot!