Pro Audio Setup

So I am considering starting a DJ service and rental of equipment for some local bands.  I have already talked to 2 bands and they have agreed to my pricing options for renting the equipment when they do shows, as both of them have awful setup (mismatched speakers, using regular speakers for monitors, no dedicated subs, one doesn't even have a dedicated mixer).


What I am looking for out of the LTT community is 2 things, help me remember any components that I have forgot (cables were purposely not included) and any further suggestions/changes for components.


I chose Peavey for this setup for 2 major reasons, first I like to have the same brand of stuff if I can help it - so I got Peavey's PV lineup which is one of their longest lasting series of speakers and components.  Second reason is because of Peavey's value versus performance reputation.  They don't cost a arm and a leg, yet are always one of the best brands.


One thing I would like to avoid in recommendations is mismatching brands, if you have a setup with some other brand please recommend the component with a series of stuff that I can look into as well.


What I would like to see is something like "Oh I would recommend adding at least 2 more of those Subs" or "You wouldn't need that mixer".


Budget is set at $7000 total, cables are included in total budget but not the wish list.  Current price is $6300 when added to the Amazon cart.  So I figure about $400 for cables and it leaves about $300 left over.


Let me know what you guys think.

I'd go with different mics for vocals. Not sure what those PVi 100's are like but I'm hazarding a guess with such a low price, the quality wont be nice. So I'd spend more money there. - Shure SM58's are worth every penny, and tough as nails... Just put a peavey sticker on em... lolz.

Rest of the gear - have no idea how good the rest of the gear is. Being Peavey it should be well rounded enough. I had an old 5150 amp that was very solid. Nothing wrong with mixing brands though- each company has its strengths & weaknesses. Some more so than others.

Also you can save big cash by making your own cables. $50 in parts will = $150 in pre-made cables.

Best of luck with ya venture champ, hope it all works out well.

You know, that's not a bad idea with another mic.  I might get Peaveys Studio line, its meant more for studio recording, but with some nice balancing it would probably be awesome for live audio.