Private Internet Access Port Forwarding (Ubuntu 15.04)

So I'm not sure if this belongs in this part of the forum, it didn't seem to fit properly in the Linux section. Anyway, I managed to setup PIA via OpenVPN on my Ubuntu installation but I like to seed some Ubuntu ISOs on my torrent client (Transmission), so I need to forward my ports. I can't seem to find much information on PIA's website regarding port forwarding on Ubuntu. I did manage to find a user submitted script on the forums but I'm kind of wary of running a random script from the internet as root. Any help would be appreciated.

I use PIA with OpenVPN on various LInux distros and haven't figured out how to do port forwarding. I've never had issues downloading or seeding anything using trasmission with no ports open though. Are you sure it is required for what you're doing?

I couldn't seed to anybody when my ports were closed so there's that.

I managed to get it working after talking to PIA support, the guy wasn't very helpful, just gave a standard monologue about how such a configuration is advanced and therefore unsupported.

In case you're wondering, PIA's port forwards are on an allocation basis, which means you can't determine which ports you want forwarded. You have to run a curl command to get the port allocated to you.

curl -d "user=USERNAME&pass=PASSWORD&client_id=$(cat ~.pia_client_id)&local_ip=LOCALIP"

The client id file is basically a generated file containing a random string of characters to ID you.

The file is generated through this command

head -n 100 /dev/urandom | md5sum | tr -d " -" > ~/.pia_client_id

After that you have to forward the relevant port on your machine firewall, I use ufw cause I can't for the life of me play around with IPtables.

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Wow that is very cool. Thank you for sharing.