Private Internet Access on Windows 10?

I'm currently on Windows 7, but I'm considering upgrading to windows 10 soon. However I use the PIA client almost constantly and I want to make sure it will work. I can't find anything on PIA's website that says their client supports windows 10, but maybe it would still work? If anyone has tried running the PIA client on win10 please let me know how it's working!

Not sure about the PIA client, but the official openvpn client should work just unzip the configs (Scroll down to Advanced OpenVPN SSL Usage Guides and this one > download OpenVPN Configuration Files (Default)) in the config folder


I have PIA and it works for me on Windows 10 with no problems.


I've also got Windows 10 and it never worked for very long as after a few reboots it stopped loading at startup. I've changed the compatibility settings to Windows 8 on the PIA_Manager and the PIA_Tray exe's and it does appear to work more reliably now. Having a virus checker like Kaspersky may not be helping though it was marked as trusted.

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I got win10 installed and initially my PIA wouldn't start up after clicking on any of the .exe files. I reinstalled and still nothing. Turns out BitDefender was blocking the process on boot up. I've now fixed that problem and it's working well. I haven't had to enable compatibility mode yet but I'll keep that in mind if I ever run into issues in the future.

Thanks everybody!

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I have not had any issues with PIA on either of my windows 10 rigs.

I've been having trouble with my openvpn client. Could you help me?

Works for me in 10 no problem

Either try running the VPN client with admin rights, compatibility set to Windows 8 or check your Virus/Firewall software for blocking the client. They are the common problems.

I'll try, can you describe the issue you're having in as much detail as you can?