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Private Internet Access bought out

Came across some articles last night/this morning that had me a bit worried.

I’ve used PIA off and on for years and now I don’t feel I have a good option. I know we still have but I wanted to hear what everyone thought of this news.

What might be a good alternative?

What will Wendell & Co recommend now that ownership is changing?

EDIT: I guess my paranoia went a little too far, looks like I have nothing to be worried about?

Huh, I thought there was a thread already, but seems just the lounge.

I use PIA at the moment, will be looking at this.
Will still use my subscription up, but probably change if retention changes

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Why are you worried? What about the new company makes you think the quality or standards will drop? Why are you seeking alternatives already when nothing has changed yet?


I had the same question. Why would them being bought mean you need to change?

Hopefully it stays the same but I think I would not necessarily trust that they arent keeping logs still until they have to prove it again.


Saying that, I trust PIA as far as it goes, so have faith that they’d only sell out to a company they trusted.

Or they’re laughing all the way to the yacht…

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So it seems to me that PIA should be staying as it is.

Based on what I’m seeing, the comments about PIA being dead are really just fear mongering and have very little to do with the reality of the situation. People are pointing to CyberGhosts policy which includes some minimal tracking as if that would be what PIA’s policy now too. This doesnt seem to be the case at all.

The company thats in question here, Kape Technologies, seems to be mostly alright, at least on the surface.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Zero Secrecy - openness as a guiding force - we believe that an organisation cannot ensure privacy for others without being open and transparent itself.
  2. Zero Reliance - we remove the need for you to trust anyone with your personal data by ensuring no one has it, including ourselves.
  3. Zero Data - sanctity of personal data - we believe each individual owns his own data therefore we will never store or attempt to sell what does not belong to us.
  4. 100% Customer first - we believe that all decisions should be made with the end user in mind, while maintaining profit as well as building a sustainable balance between social, environmental and economic profit.
  5. Zero Theater - what you see is what you get, we tell it as it is and deliver on what we promise to achieve.
  6. Zero Tier - net neutrality - we believe that all connections and data should be treated equally and without manipulation.
  7. 100% Honesty - we will say it as we see it, straightforward and direct.
  8. Zero Sidelining - life purpose - this is not a passing phase, this is our mission and we are determined to stick to it and overcome any obstacles which comes our way.

These are the 8 binding principles to which we adhere.

I’m not convinced PIA is dead… Theres nothing here that indicates to me they would try to change how PIA operates as it is.

We have seen stuff like this before of course where Discord said they wouldnt sell your data and then only a couple years later changed their policies to say they will now be selling your data. It remains to be seen if thats what might happen but for right now it sounds like all is well.


I’m not convinced PIA is dead…

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Tunnel through DNS. The fuckers will never find you.

uh… wat?

I literally just purchased a year of PIA 4 days ago using the L1 affiliate link. I am not at all worried they have a new corporate structure.

This could simply be to allow them more flexibility to keep up with expansion.

I wouldn’t freak out just yet folks.


Didn’t cyberghost prove they don’t as well?

companys that are bought always go through change. the concern is that a pretty much perfect company will become less so. tunnel bear went downhill when it got bought.

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I think thats basically what this boils down too. More capital for PIA to roll out infrastructure and more money for the company that has holdings in PIA. Tarnishing their name now by doing exactly the opposite of what they did to get where they are would be entirely counter to making profits for the company that now owns them.


Yea this is what I’m worried about.

I was surprised by the news and I guess got a bit panicky. Hopefully everything stays the same and Kape doesn’t feel the need to sell out PIA users.

Welcome to good business. It’s never about your privacy. You want privacy. Don’t trust companies period. Run TOR inside the VPN so even if they log they don’t have anything to prove other than that you used TOR

Well if you refer to kape’s documents, it looks like they are eliminating some debt from PIA and giving them more purchasing power. They intend to increase profits considerably. I dont see how they can do this if they mess with the reason users chose PIA in the first place.

So far I see nothing that indicates any change here. PIA was already growing and they want that to continue.

you seem to be saying exactly the opposite of what I was and missing the point entirely.

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Well growth would be good I guess… just not at the expense of policy changes.

Thanks for your detailed replies @Adubs


Yea i searched for a thread but couldn’t find one, so I made this one

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Slightly off topic, but did you perhaps mean Ghostery? Because Privacy Badger is an Open Source project run by the EFF, as far as I’m aware, and, well, the EFF compromising on privacy would seem a tad odd…

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