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Privacy friendly fitness tracker?


I’m looking for a fitness tracker that doesn’t suck.

I’m perfectly willing to assemble a kit, take an existing device and flash an off-label firmware, or buy a bespoke product from an Etsy vendor if it meets my needs. I just want it to not suck.

My definition of suck includes:

  • Requires proprietary software to interact with

I’m willing to accept a device that has proprietary firmware, but I’m not willing to run a proprietary app just to get meaningful data from it. If I can connect it via USB or something and export a CSV file, that’s fine.

  • No uploads, ever

I’m not willing to share my data with third parties. Ideally, it would never know who I am, and I wouldn’t have to create an account on anything in order to use or maintain it. The device should be functionally airgapped.

Known options, please correct me if I’m wrong:

  • Okinesio - Seems dead, but promising
  • Fitbit - Subset of data exposed via API, direct export requires proprietary app.
  • Misfit - Data exposed via API, no direct device export.
  • Jawbone - Subset of data exposed via API, direct export requires proprietary app.
  • Withings - Data provided by API with activation but service is dead.

Anybody have any suggestions, or info that should make me reconsider one of the above options?



Gadgetbridge (Use your Pebble/Bip/Miband/Hplus/[more] and keep your data private!) -

I am running that with Mi fit band 3. Seems okay.

You can export the db



Hell yeah! It’s stupid cheap, too! Thanks, gonna grab one now.

Already have a Xiaomi phone, and the Gadegetbridge developers described my concerns in the description of their app.

Can’t really ask for much more than that. :slight_smile:

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With this app i have had some issues tho, be advised:

  • The band doesn’t automatically turn on the screen on wrist movement.
  • The app only seems to record steps, not distance

Not sure what it does with other exercises.

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Unless it’s a hardware issue, that can usually be fixed in software.

I’m really not going to use it as a smartwatch, only as a fitness tracker… though, I am a little excited about some of the features they list, since it integrates with apps I already use.

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Also, $36.

My expectations are set appropriately. :stuck_out_tongue:



Some features are device specific. And mi band 3 seems bit bare bones.



I needed this, why am I just hearing about this now



Coz yall didn’t read my ungoogle thread



Lies, slander, muck raking fibbers you are spouting good sir

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