Printer that's compatible with XP

Looking for a printer that will work on server 2k3. It'll be plugged directly into the computer, it runs windows 8, but the client (club server) is windows 2k3. So, I need a printer that will be detected by windows server 2k3. I had a big issue with the last printer, wasnt detected by usb, and MULTIPLE i mean MULTIPLE drivers were tried, installed, removed, lots of sharing networks and all that. About 7 total hours of work, and nothing. SO I NEED A PRINTER THAT IS COMPATIBLE WITH windows 2k3 32 bit, and Windows 8 64 bit.

Black & White?  A4/A3, scanner?  What do you need this printer to do...


I've used Brother printers (2140, 2170w, 2130, 2132 etc) on multiple OS's without issue.  They're all A4 B&W lasers.

No need for a scanner, and if possible color would be nice, but idk if necessary. I have to pick it up in a local store as well.

I have the HL-3045CN at home here, It's installed on a 2003 server based system and shared on my home network without issues.  This is the replacement to that model though:

Still lists drivers for XP and server 2003.


 Not sure where 'local' is for you, but these are available in just about any officeworks here in Aus.

Yeah we dont have officeworks. But thanks for the help, ill see if they have any models around here!

HP Deskjer 1455 is what I have, works good to

How many millions of dollars have you spent on ink so far :p