Printer help 64bit

I have a 32bit WinXP running as a print server and I need to connect 2 64bit Win7 machines but there are no 64bit drivers for this printer(canon imageclass D661). Every other computer hooked up to this printer is 32bit(XP,Vista,7) and all work fine. Does anybody know of a way I can make this happen?


you should be able to go into the print server options and manage additional drivers.... most likely when you installed you drivers it installed the x64 driver as well, at least that is what my epson printer did....

its been too long since i have done this stuff on xp.... ill be on a xp box later... ill post the exact steps then.

you said "most likely it installed the 64bit drivers as well" but like I said there is no 64bit driver. I do look forward to what your steps are though as maybe they wiil still help. Thanks