Printed OLED Displays May Arrive Sooner Than Expected

If this indeed does work, we might see cheap monitors coming to market soon. 

And with the ability to print circuits using conventional Ink Jet printers (check links below), we might soon be able to print our own humongous displays at home with very high PPI (Pixels Per Inch, also known as Pixel Density).

Than all that would be left is to get a small PCB with a CPU/GPU inside to get the connector input (HDMI 2.0, or whatever else is out there) to receive and process the image, a heatsink to dissipate whatever heat is generated, make a 3D-printed plastic (or metal!) bezel/enclosure, and then add some basic programming for your OSD and other options. And now you've got yourself a new monitor or TV!

This could allow the DIY crowd to do amazing things. Just like how the Raspberry Pi and other DIY computers have brought us a new market and new possibilities. And just as conventional InkJet printing brought us a whole new market, now we might see the same with 3D printing and soon Displays. Just get a circuit layout design from some website, get the right polymers you'll need, put it in the printer, and start making your own displays!

I'll raise a tankard of mead to that one! =)