PrimoCache - what's up with the *magic* sauce?

Watching Wendell’s Optane video, he mentioned PrimoCache

I’ve dabbled with it and am seeing some incredible numbers. I am always looking for fast storage so our machines aren’t waiting to move data to and from large storage arrays. We use the Promise Pegasus R32 units over Thunderbolt 3. They are fast enough, but not saucy enough for editing RED RAW footage for video.

I’ve been thinking of staging active projects on say a AIC board:

PrimoCache looks very intriguing - I read the FAQs and developing a better understanding. Is it a good solution for video editing off Thunderbolt 3 arrays, for example? TIA.

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I don’t know about your particular situation, but I can say it is a very flexible tool that allows you to set up cache where you want it and how you need it.

I have played with it with optane memory in my gaming machine. It was so easy to set up and apply to what drive you want how much you want. It also allows for level 1 cache (in excess ram that’s not being utilized or you have avalible) that’s not persistent, and a level two cache (a specific drive or array you designate) in my case optane pcie drive that is persistent.

There are also alot of avalible ways to tune your cache and its application to either read or write processes through the set up window. IE - how much to allocate for read or write etc…sector size tuning etc.

@wendell I’m sure can explain it better but it seems to be a really amazing flexible tool.

There is a 30 day free trial… I’d say give it a go and see if it works for you and your system.


Cool… yah, playing with it. As a noob with the tool, appreciating the feedback from regular / expert users.

I see there is also a Primo Ramdisk version. Hmm…

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The one big downside I could say for Primo cache is it doesn’t work well in any sort of dual-boot scenario, as it invalidates the cache.

I’ve got a setup where I will boot to a second windows install on a vhdx file - to run a version of windows thats lighter than my day to day driver. I’ll then symlink a ton of folders back to the main host OS.

Also great when something’s not working for whatever reason.

The big downside is primocache always loses sync.

The other gotcha is if you are using it for write acceleration - can lose data if theres a crash and it hasnt been written yet.

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I love how Google is always watching - this vid showed up in my YT feed today…

Pretty interesting stuff… pass the sauce please! :slight_smile:

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