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Prime95 stable, but x264 on (FFmpeg) Linux crashes consistently. (4960x)


I agree with that.
Its better not to do that if your not sure.
AMD FX for example was great with BCLK overclocking.
But with intel back in the days were not that easy.

And for just 100mhz it isnt worth it either.
Better have a 100% stable and trustworthy running machine,
then have a system that runs 100mhz higher and might crash during work.


In my opinion you really get some nice numbers already,
with 4.3Ghz, if keep in mind its 3.0Ghz base clock.

I can remember that der8auer did an overclocking guide video,
on the 4960X on his YT channel.
But like i said matter of sillicon luck really.
Settings that work for somebody else might not work well for you visa versa.


Urgh. Just crashed watching a YouTube video with all Spectre and Meltdown mitigations removed, and a downgraded microcode.


I think you’re a bit too much on the edge of stability, i would worry about electromigration at this point. Could also be some ripple from the psu causing instability at higher clocks.


Got a 80+ Platinum PSU so ripple is not an issue. Windows is also 100% stable, it’s just Linux that’s having issues.

I also double checked in HWinfo the incoming voltage to the CPU VRM and it’s 12.03V idle and at worst 11.875V load.


Linux is just not as tolerant of over clocking unfortunately. With all that’s been tried I don’t think you will get it any better.

If you must have the max speed use windows.

On that note have you tested the encoding times on windows with the extra speed, vs linux going slightly slower?


Encoding in Premiere on OSX is absolutely fine. So is Handbrake on Windows. But I encode with FFmpeg my final pass to x264 on Ubuntu. I’m just gonna downclock to 4.3 whenever I have to use FFmpeg.

What’s weird is my Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon never had these problems. Only Ivy Bridge-E has these problems.