Pricing advice: 2×E5-2660 with mobo and ram

I've found a local guy who's selling his used server parts and was looking for some advice as to value. I haven't seen the items yet, and I would certainly inspect + boot before buying. For the purposes of my question, let's assume that the parts are used but in good working order.

  • 2× Intel E5-2660 with noctua cpu coolers
  • 128GB DDR3

He's asking $800. It sounds reasonable to me, but I'm not good at pricing things : )

Input is appreciated!

I would say so, I am definitely not an expert on hardware pricing either but those chips were 1000$ processors a few years ago and that ram was not cheap either. Noctua coolers add a little bit also. What are your plans for the hardware?

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The motherboard will still go for around $400. The CPUs together are worth about $120, mayyyyybe $130. The coolers should go for $50-60 each because they're used, and the RAM...

The RAM will be worth upwards of $500 just because he got 128GB in 16GB DIMMs. Those are worth a lot of money.

That's a damn good deal imo.


Assuming it all works it could be worth it.

I would want to know if the E5-2660 is V1(no version after) or maybe V2 or doubtfully V3.

But that mobo can be pricey $350 to $500 and depending on the ram it can run up to $560 alone for decent 128gb of ecc registered RAM. Make sure it's ECC and registered RAM, that mobo doesn't offically support anything past 64gb for non registered RAM.

If it all works, likely a solid deal


thanks for the replies, everyone!

workstation, baby.

would keep separate KVMs for various stuff. I'm a software engineer. I'm messing around with servers and on-demand virtualization (though this would not strictly be part of that). I used to do 3d modeling for fun and would like to have a really capable machine for it. kinda want to try to get into gaming, but i've tried before and it didn't stick, so we'd have to see about that one.

So, just generalized work + play. I like hardware.

good point.

good point; i had just assumed this until now.

think you're right. now hopefully, no one else will buy it before i can put together $800.

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