Priceless workstation

Building a workstation is always a fun experience, so much so people sometimes spend days searching for the right hardware and hours or even days putting them together... I recently built a new workstation for the nerdcave and I gotta say I'm pretty happy with the final product:

CPU: Dual-core Pentium G'numbers'
GPU: GTX 750
Mobo: MSI something
PSU: Some proprietary 290W brick from an old Dell
HDD: 1T WD Green
Case: MSI Eco edition

I started with tying the mobo to the case with steel wire, but the wire just slit through the cardboard so I gave up the thought of attaching it in any way.
Next I carefully cut holes for the outputs and cooling, did pretty well on the aesthetics and optimizing airflow.
Connected the components together, placed the hard drive upside-down so that the bits fall on the reader giving better performance.
Took the largest button I could find for the power switch - a large button improves startup and shutdown speeds.
Finally I taped it shut for security.

Perfecting the build:

Final product:

Pretty baws, kek.


needs more airflow through "case".


Laying the hard drive on top of the motherboard in a paper case. Spectacular!

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More air = better cooling -> wouldn't want the air to leak out now would I?

Looks very stable. Stable as in structurally sound.

It is fun to coble together something like this and just throw it in a box. You may think you're out smarting the system by saving a few bucks on your case... but really it's pretty foolish.

You've invested a fare chunk of cash in the hardware and not putting it in the case is actually pretty risky. You're at increased risk of:

  • static shock. Because you lack a ground surrounding all the hardware, static can actually build up between components or different areas of the "case". As things slide around they could potentially give each other a tiny shock. Static cas also build up from airflow across components.
  • over heating due to poor airflow
  • disconnects while in use... things slide around in this "case" and can jiggle loose from sockets / plugs since things are poorly held in place.
  • shorts while in use... since things can slide around a bit and are made of metal, they could potentially touch the wrong part of your mother board and short something out.

So yea... having a real case is wise to protect your investment.

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I'm down with that huge button though. Stick it on the front of a real case and name it HAL.

You know what really grinds my gears? 3 DIMMS in a dual-channel mobo. It would be less offensive if it was balanced to 2-4-2 so you'd have 4GB on each channel, but 2-2-2? GTFO.

@eidolonFIRE The box doesn't levitate in the air, therefore it is grounded. Your argument is invalid.
@acceptableinthe80s ~60C when running stress
@Ryan_JL Oh I'm keeping this button for sure!
@Aezen Why go with single or dual channel when you can have both? Extra features if you ask me!


this whole thread is one giant troll.

What in gods name...

We can only hope.

It's not trolling, it's just sarcasm.

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