Price to performance

Hey guys getting my tax returns back and im looking to upgrade from my gtx650 just wanted to know whats the best price to performance card out on the market today?


gtx 670 or the 7870 are the 2 best for good vale and great performance!

As said 670 or 7870, though definatley a 7870 Tahiti LE edition

Well i was looking at the Gigabyte windforce 7870 and the xfx 7870, i notcied that they both have more than one fan but the 7870 Tahiti LE edition only has one fan, does the 7870 Tahiti LE edition over heat often? or does it stay fairly cool with only one fan?

if your that worried about the tahiti le over heating then go for the Sapphire 7870 XT tahiti le, as this one is dual fan based design

Well its a slimmed down version of the 7950 and 7970 and I haven't heard of those going boom with stock/single fan coolers. Though the temps will be a little higher but nothing to worry about.

Something to keep in mind though. The AMD/Radeon cards often have a higher performance ceiling, but in general they are not as efficient or as consistent as their Nvidia bretheren. So for example: Let's say the AMD card averages 70 fps in a game and the Nvidia card averages 66 fps in a game that isn't designed to support either in particular. Let's also say that the Nvidia's min fps is 60, and we can expect a similar deviation above average so lets call it's max 72 fps. In this situation the AMD card likely would have a similar min, somewhere around 60, but a much high max at somewhere around 80. AMD cards generally overclock better, but again may wind up being a bit more fidgety, hot, and power hungry in the process than an Nvidia card. Also depends on what you're playing. Nvidia cards tend to do better in tight, fast paced games like Battlefield or Call of Duty while AMD cards seem to out perform Nvidia cards by a fair margin in large open world games like AC3 or Sleeping Dogs thanks to the fact that their cards generally have better memory management and more memory, granted Sleeping Dogs was built to be optimized specifically for the AMD cards. Take that into consideration, but don't worry too much as both the 7870 and 670 are going to play a lot of modern games at the very tip top of the scale.

okay well im not to into FPS games, Im more partial to open world games and RPG's. so i think ill look into grabing a 7870