Price inquiry on a 6600k and z170a m5 mobo

I am trying to figure out how much to sell a i5-6600k and a MSI z170a gaming m5. is $150-$200 to much?

Dont sell the mobo too cheap, particularly if you havent used it much. Remember, while CPUs can last long, it can also flood the market relatively easy.

A mobo has capacitors that actually have a lifespan and while initially cheap on the resell, if you keep it long enough, it gets more expensive when the rest of the Z170s gets wiped out due to burnt out capacitors. This is particularly true for unused mobos, not sure about the used mobos though.

I have used these parts but no overclock has been done on them. Looking to sell it to someone I know at a decent price.

Close to 150 sounds about right to me

The 6600k’s seem to go for around $125USD on eBay… with some $25 swing above and below that. The motherboard seems to be going for about $65-100 on eBay.

Looking at recently sold listings.

If it’s a friend you’re selling it to and just looking to get rid of he is getting a good deal at $150 and you’re not having to deal with eBay and shipping. At $200 he’s still not getting ripped off and it’s more to you getting the better deal. Meet in the middle of your $150-200 ballpark? :slight_smile:

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$150-200 is a good price. It doesn’t honestly make too much sense these days with new CPUs coming out but if people want them that is the going rate.

I recently sold a 6600K capable of 4.7 on air, an Asus Z170-A motherboard, NZXT S340 and a Hyper 212 Evo for $300

Yeah, especially with the AMD’s Ryzen 3 3300X just launching… his friend could grab that and a motherboard for right around that $200 mark and get better performance // At least according to what the YouTubers are showing with that comparisons… saying it’s on par with an i7-7700k in a lot of things.