Pretty Games

I like games for the 3D art far more than the gameplay. There are many times I bought a game just to look at and explore and wasn't that interested in playing. I hate to admit it but sometimes I cheat because I just want to see the whole game without having to try to beat the boss fight 18 times (Crysis 2).

Today I got ABZU and it is beautiful. One plays as a Mermaid exploring the sea. One cool thing is you can ride the big fish. I rode a grouper, a manta and a dolphin so far.

Another pretty game is Far Cry Primal. Far Cry 3 is one of my favorite games, FC4 was a let down, FC P is kinda boring but the landscape is lush. They just released a high-res texture pack that kicks the realism up a notch. I like just wandering around looking at the flora and fauna.

A game that I really liked the unusal art style was Shelter. I did not enjoy the gameplay very much but I was happy to support the female indie developer and I hope Shelter 2 is better. One plays a mama badger trying to keep her kids alive by feeding them and hiding from predators.

Honorable Mentions:

GTA V - I hate that my 15 y/o nephew plays GTA but I have to admit the game is amazing and I had to experience it for myself.

Crysis 2 - I am from NYC and the game takes place there. It was one of the first DX11 titles and there is a high-res texture pack. I am currently replaying this game so I can say I beat it without cheating.

DOOM - The level design was incredible. While some have argued the the gameplay was kill all the demons in a corridor, then kill a lot of demons in a room, repeat and boring for that. I wasn't bored at all because those corridors and rooms were so epic.

Elite:Dangerous - What could be prettier than the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and a spaceship to view them from?

No Man's Sky - I like the way it looks, but there is no way I am interested in buying it.

Please share your favorite Pretty Games below.

Game play or bugs doesn't matter. This thread is only interested in visual candy. Screenshots are encouraged.

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I don't have it installed currently, but Ryse: son of Rome had some of the best scenery I've ever seen in game. I actually stopped hacking people to pieces at a few points just to admire it!

The Witcher 3 looks amazing.

Trine 2 and Trine 3 are also nice looking in their style.

Personally I like Remember Me as well.

Grip is also really nice looking

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I agree with you OP about Far Cry 4, there were disappointments, but I still love it, and the design is gorgeous IMO

I am partial to East/South Eastern Asian Art.
Their recreation of Nepal may not be dense in content, but I think it's made up for in beauty.

Another thing of beauty, especially for the time of release and hardware, Is LoZ: Wind Waker.
Such a beautiful art style, even though cell shading has a "computer generated look," the craftsmanship was remarkable
I have the original on my Wii that I hook up to the monitor and I still love the way it looks,

It was so big and very cleverly had no loading screens, so it felt open and organic Not to mention the FUCKING FANTASTIC music

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No Vanishing of Ethan Carter yet?


Modded Skyrim. But there's already a thread for that.

Modded skyrim
Witcher 3
Far cry 4
Guild Wars 2

List goes on and on....

I know its a unity game, but I find myself still playing/lost in 'The Long Dark.' Game was recently updated and its something about chilling in the wilderness of this game that gets me.


I like your taste.

At first I LOVED Far Cry 4, but I never got close to finishing it. The graphics are undeniably gorgeous.
Sometimes I realize 'I haven't played that game in 2 months.' And I delete it.

Can you show us Guild Wars?
I've never seen it.


One word - Okami

Never played it. Could be an awful game, although I have heard otherwise, but visually it's the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of "visually beautiful game".


Personally, I love Transistor's art style:

A modded Mass Effect looks awesome too (unfortunately the forum
is closed and many pics are no longer available):

Many other games - Witcher 3 for instance - have already been mentioned.


Anything with ...

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I don't make screenshots when i game but i honestly like this post. Some games are indeed good art works.

mad max probably the best optimised game that came out then and probably the best looking
skyrim vanilla still looks quite nice cant wait for the special edition :D
witcher 3 looks quite nice still havent played it tho would love to

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No Man's Sky

The Banner Saga

Endless Legend



I love the game MAD MAX, but once Just Cause 3 came out I stopped playing it @DeViLzzz

A lot of times in JC3 I am just exploring and I love going for a boat ride. I like to get in shallow water so I can see the fish, plants and coral whizzing by underwater, deep beneath the boat.

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this is why i love mad max :D

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The Last of Us

I know not PC but still a pretty nice looking game.