Pretty excited about my new 32" 1440p 60hz monitor for less than 300! BACKORDERED : (

I am picking up this

Although it was “backordered” So now I have no idea if I’ll actually get it or not. I was super psyched about the deal. And I just hope they deliver.

I was having such a hard time deciding what monitor to get. But the fact that it was 270$ for a 32" 2k, with a reasonable 8ms response time and overclockable to 75hz. Seems almost too good to be true.

Anybody out there order a monitor this christmas deals season?

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I got mine last week. Won’t tell you the sale price cause I want you to enjoy your Viewsonic.

HP Omen

I am beyond very happy with it.
I’m sure you will be too!

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Haha. You got a black friday sale? Man i’m happy with 270$ for it. I thought that was love.

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Also your’s has freesync. Something I would have loved to have managed. But is it IPS? Mine is mostly my non-gaming. I have a 144hz freesync on my right side.

No it is VA, but that stuff doesn’t matter to me too much. I’m not cheap, I’m poor and have to settle for compromise solutions. I mostly use it for Photoshop or 3D CAD and the picture quality is very good. I don’t game that much. I don’t use Freesync either, but it acts like it’s on anyway. I don’t get any screen tearing no matter the frame rate. Certain games, like Rocket League, run better with 75Hz Vsync on. It seems more consistent and smooth.

I had a 24" monitor and wanted a 38" widescreen that costs $1,000. One day in Walmart I bought a 32" TV on sale. It messed up my vision and made me cross eyed for a year. I finally came to my senses and realized…

  1. I will never afford a $1,000 monitor.
  2. My vision problems started the same time that I started to use a TV as a monitor.
  3. Time to get over myself and buy the 32" monitor I should have got last year.

My vision problems stopped immediately.

Yes, a good monitor is an essential piece of kit, but something many don’t prioritise when spending money on upgrades.

I am guilty of buying a new GPU before new getting a decent screen. When I finally purchased my 32" Samsung 1440p screen I realised how foolish I had been :grinning:



I am always telling people that ergonomics is so important.
Get your desk right.
Find a comfortable chair.
You are touching your mouse and keyboard all day, so don’t cheap out.

Yet I thought cheaping out on a screen was acceptable. Stupid me.
I knew the TV was a temporary “I will return it if it sucks” solution, but I experimented with it for too long.

I feel this. I want freesync and 1ms response time for gaming. But for this monitor I wanted something gorgeous to watch games and media. I saw a 32" 1440p for 270$ and grabbed it. Came to find out it’s 75hz overclockable and ~6-8ms response time. That’s totally useable for gaming. And 60-75hz refresh rate shouldn’t hurt my eyes like IS happening to my eyes just from watching youtube on this old shat TV.

I may never afford a 1,000$ monitor. But I can afford a 300$ one for editing. Justify it as a work expense. IPS vs Freesync with better response time was the battle. Knew I didn’t want another TV even if I’m not gaming on it.

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Yeah I need a new keyboard. That’s an upgrade i’ve been slacking on. But I did get the mouse and mousepad fixed. I play enough FPS games that it became obvious I needed to upgrade.

@BGL You’re making me excited for it’s arrival. I will have to throw some Planet Earth, or Blue Planet on once it comes in! See what 32" IPS 1440p is all about. Although some people are already talking about 4k D:

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My 32" 1440p screen replaced a 28" 4k screen that I thought I had to have. The 4k screen was a nightmare and whilst acceptable gaming on it wasn’t great; since even with a 980Ti dropping the resolution was needed to get a decent FPS.

1440p is IMO lovely to work and game on. Loads of desktop real estate and no need to worry about font/icon resizing/upscaling. Linux and Windows desktop alike work really well on my screen.

It’ll be a long time before I give it up. A similar screen that supports 120Hz + would be where I would go before I try a 4k screen on the desktop again :slight_smile:

Yeah. I think it’s a good time to get into the 1440 game. Skipping 2k and going to 4k is more trouble than it’s worth. And like you said, almost everyone i know with a 4k are running it at 1440.

My next upgrade will be a 27"~ 120+hz as well, but with freesync for gaming. Probably IPS. But I already have a decent gaming monitor, so it may be something totally different by the time I decide to actually upgrade it.