Preset voltages to high?

I recently did a build with a amd phenom II 965 and a asrock 970 extreme 3. Everything went fairly smoothly except the stock fan is a bitch and 1/2 just to get on. My question is are my voltages to high, being at 1.425 volts. The stock heatsink gets up to 54 degrees celsius under load. I believe the 965 stock voltages are supposed to be around 1.350 - 1.325 ish. I think i should turn the voltages down and test for stability because 1.425 volts is kinda up there for stock voltages. Or should i just push the multiplier up a little bit and shoot for a small O/C just because my voltages are up there.

I've seen a phenomII overclocked to 4.1GHZ at 1.45v with a good cooler. I wouldn't want to push it to far on a stock heatsink, but for $20 you could get a much better cooler and really crank it up!