Preparing For my A+ Certification

First off, Im sorry if I chose the wrong category for this question. I just have a quick question that i cant seem to find any proper resources to online.

I am practice for my A+ certification to try and start off my first big boy job as a help desk technician or a computer repair technician. Regarding the hardware portion, I do very well on the practice exams. But there is just one thing that is really bugging me and I want to figure out but can’t for the life of me.

So say for example, DDR3 1600, its also known as PC3 12800. How is that number determined (The 12800) ?
I need to know how to calculate those numbers for ddr, ddr2, and ddr3.

I know its a silly and probably very basic question but any input I can get on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

PS. Love the videos by the way.

DDR3- is based off of transfers per seconds, since it is double data rate the transfers are double the clock speed so 800mhz. PC3-12800 is based off of the data transfer speed, for DDR3 I am pretty sure it is 8x the transfers per second, although rounding and/or marketing may make it a little higher or lower.

Of course I neglect to check the free encyclopedia.
Thank you so much for the answer. I’ll study up from there.

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