Prenihility's PC Gaming Throwback/Marathon

Alright. So, to spare folks the drama, and to not type out 1000+ words, ill keep it short. Basically, i've been put into a situation where i'm purchasing a backlog of PC games; games that i never got to experience because i simply never had the kind of system i have now to be able to PC game in PEACE consistently.

I want as many people as i can get to help me notice games i may have missed over the past 10 years or so. I ALSO want to stress that i'm not a fan of getting Steam games, unless they're Steam only and/or Valve games. I'm a collector. I want something tangible. I don't want to "show" people my "collection" by signing into my Steam account. Because that's just ridiculous... With THAT in mind, please, PLEASE let me know which games have Steam activation codes with their retail versions, and which don't. I read Valve's list, and other sources, FEAR 2: Project Origin for example isn't listed as having Steam activation. Yet i find a thread on a Steam forum where a fellow is saying he is having trouble activating his Steam code. And i DO understand that some games don't even apply for Steam. That's fine. I know all about Origin.

So far, my list is: Starting with more recent games that have always had my attention. Because at this point, they are becoming harder to find. And whatever is OLD old in gaming terms, by now has pretty much reached a plateau in terms of that 'hard-to-find' factor.

Battlefield 3: Premium Edition
Battlefield 4 (Premium Edition?)
Crysis Maximum Edition
Crysis 2
Crysis 3
FEAR 2: Project Origin
Far Cry: Wild Expedition. (This one apparently has Steam Activation for all three games, plus Blood Dragon)
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3 (Bioware shit the bed with the trilogy compilation. Not including all DLCs. SMFH...)
System Shock 1 & 2

Can't think of anything else for more recent games. I got the Elder Scrolls Anthology. SO HAPPY! Last copy in my province, believe it or not. Phoned about 20 stores for that one. Also got the Fallout Anthology. Been playing/modding the hell out of both of them.

I have always wanted to play the Splinter Cell games. I only ever played and finished the FIRST when it came out way back when in the early 2000s. So far, the best deal seems to be the Splinter Cell Ultimate Edition. But no Steam activation for that one :(. Only Ubisoft's Uplay crap. Which makes me really angry.


I'm actually going to make my PC soon and going to play BF3. Maybe we can hit up and chat about that.

Question: What games did you played in the 7th generation of consoles? I don't want to mention games you have already played.

As far as somewhat old games go, have you tried the Assassin Creed games from the first one to Brotherhood? If not, those are some cool games. For the ones after, I personally wouldn't bother with them. You can get these games physically on Amazon.

There is the Metro games with Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. Both of them have redux version that are much more optimized. You can get them both on GOG as DRM-Free copies.

Bioshock series is another series.

Didn't play any of the Assassin's Creed games. Didn't want to bother with the PS3 version. I stuck with as many PS3 exclusives as i could. And half weren't worth shit, so, yeah. Here i am, on the PC.

AH! The Metro games! Yes. THOSE were on my list, also. Totally forgot about them. The STALKER games are a must-play also, i imagine. Nothing else comes to mind just yet.

EDIT: Oh, and RAGE. Always wanted to play that one. But i'm really, really aching to play BF3. And i just went on the Metro developer's site. They are coming out with a Metro compilation called Metro Redux, containing both Redux versions of the Metro games.

Multiplayer is the only reason to play BF3. Do not bother with the single player campaign. It is bland as hell and shows everything wrong with modern FPS games. Of course, I will not stop you from trying.

If you want to do CO-OP to get some of those weapons, hit me up so we can get them together. I should have my PC ready by next week.

Gonna give you a heads up and that BF3 has mod support now with Venice Unleashed.

The Redux versions are already out. Here are the links below. You can get them on a bundle for $40 or wait for a sale to go cheaper.

Metro 2033 Redux GOG Link
Metro Last Light Redux GOG Link

If you want some survival horror with some action, you can always try the Dead Space series. You can get both 1 & 2 on Steam but the third one you have to get via EA's Origin.

The Witcher 2 should be on that list of recent games it is a very good RPG.

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I can wholeheartedly suggest Supreme Commander and Supreme Commander Forged Alliance to fill the RTS games area.

both are fun, have good stories (first one has abit more replay-ability) and you can have epic battles... Also with forged alliance forever client, you can still play on multiplayer (and co-op somewhat)

Ah, yes. How could i forget The Witcher. Giggity. And i'm going to TRY and get the first two Turok games in physical form. But it'll be hard as hell.

Also. What does everyone think of DOOM BFG Edition? It's been on my radar ever since it came out. I figured that's the best way to catch up on the Doom games before DOOM (4 technically) comes out. Which will be amazing, by the way.

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Serious freaking Sam...
Don't buy it now, it is on sale for 10$ each 90% off, that is bulshit... I got it for 1,99 the first one and 3,99 the 3-th one... Don't give them 20$...

Ah. So Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter is just an enhanced version of the first game? I reckon that is the one to get?

Again, wherever possible, i'd like something tangible, a physical copy.



Doom BFG? What do you say? Yay or nay? ANOTHER THING: I will be purchasing The Orange Box. I bought "The Orange Box" on Steam a long time ago for a very small price. 9.99 back in the spring of 2009. But i want the physical retail copy. So with that in mind; should i activate the Steam code on a second Steam account? I do actually have two accounts.

I got this one for 1,99 and I don't regret nothing. I love it. It's a silly mindless fun amd I love it...

So it's digital only, right?

Starcraft. might not be your style but the game boxes oh wow they are nice to look at.
Ghost recon series is wonderful.

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I loved playing the first Starcraft. I remember a friend um... errrr... "borrowed" a copy for me. I got to a certain part in the campaign where i just wasn't fast enough gathering minerals and building up my army. Zerg came and murdered me.. badly. Will defo get Startcraft II. I imagine Starcraft in retail is basically a freakin' collector's item at this point.

And i've been researching the Splinter Cell games. The first couple don't apparently support controllers. But with some tweaking, and a shit-load of patience, you can make them work. If the Splinter Cell Ultimate Edition/Collection (which came out only a few years ago) had Steam activation for all games INSTEAD OF PIECE OF SHIT UPlay from Ubisoft. Then i wouldn't even think TWICE. But this way... launching and managing the games seems combersome as shit. Installing through disc is fine with me. But only having that one option sounds like a pain in the ASS.

Also if you liked the splinter cell games the rainbow vagas games are awesome. Much better than the siege crap of today.
I think my favorite cod is either waw or bo2. waw still has a huge multiplayer base and so does bo2. BUT waw has zombies and zombie mods. Which you can go to ugx mods website and get a basiclly endless secletion of zombie maps if you like zombies. Its good fun and if you have some one to play with it can be a challenge or just a fun time.

Holy shit i cant believe I forgot about destroy all humans. This game is so much fun its open sand box but level based so sorta like GTA but more linear and amazing for its time.


so if you want to go more than 10 years back get the Original Rainbow 6, Total Annihilation, and Diablo, Wolfenstein 3d and Decent.

for 10 years back check out Hellgate London, Quake 4,

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Has system shock 1 and 2 been suggested? I just played System Shock 2 like a two years ago and was blown away that I missed such an amazing game. Still better than most games out there imo.

You talked about having physical copy's, and if you like Indie games, you can get some indie games on disck and cool usb card from Indiebox. They are a little pricey but kinda cool, the towerfall controllers are cool (to rich for my blood but cool)

Have you looked at GOG? They are digital only, however if you have a game in you like but can't get it to run (as in its so old or on floppy) you may be able to find it there and snag it.

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can you get that on pc?? I love that game, still play it on my OG Xbox. Stubbs was amazing too, so much for a copy though

you can emulate it which isnt hard to do and it runs pretty well.

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Alright. So what is the best way I can experience the Mass Effect trilogy, with all DLC?