Prenihility's PC Gaming Marathon: Rage

Hello all. Idk if any of you remember, but i posted a while back about my situation, and how i want to play a lot of PC games i never had the opportunity to play. I ALWAYS wanted to play Rage. I'm pretty much obsessed with anything John Carmack touches. From what i've seen, it's a pretty solid game. What does everyone think about it?

I loved it and didn't have any of the problems that people complained about. But you know how sometimes you will like a bad movie that ends well?

RAGE is the opposite. A great game with a disappointing ending, so that is what people remember.

It is graphically quite poor. It definitely didn't measure up to all the hype about what this game was supposed to look like.

I agree that when you first walked into a new setting it took a few seconds to come up to full high res. It looked kinda blurry. idTech5 has this strange system where if you were moving fast it wouldn't render in high res, because the texture maps were actually gigantic. If one enables force high res textures in the settings, it looks much better.

I am sure modern hardware will crush it.

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Well, i'm not expecting another Crysis. I just want to know if the game is good. I remember hearing the ending is shite, too. Yeah, i'll have to get it, then.

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When the game released I read an interview from John Carmack. He asked his kids "What kind of game do you want to play?" Then he wrote it for them. Many celebrities did voice work. You will definitely notice John Goodman's voice.

I especially enjoyed the car battles and the AI. Those mutants were crafty MoFo's that were really good at dodging attacks!


What, is it whoopty? Why would i have to install it?

Sorry I wasn't more clear.

After all this talk about RAGE, I hunted down my backup drive to find my copy and I am going to play it again. Have fun, I know I will.

There is also "The Scorchers" DLC.

Oh yeah, what's that? Can i get that for free at this point? Is there at least a Complete Edition of the game?

I looked and Steam is the best option = $10 for RAGE + $5 for The Scorchers.

Most of RAGE is open world. The only thing I didn't like (like most id games) was there were a lot of talk to a guy, go to the place, learn you need a key, find the key, kill everybody, retrace your steps back to the guy missions. But in RAGE those places are father apart because you have a car in an open world as opposed to corridor shooters.

The Scorchers add a big area to the map and I remember? it was more corridors, underground or inside, than the open first part. The Scorchers is good play and big and long enough to be worth $5.

Oh ok, big area you say? Then i'll get it. Now to find a copy on eBay or Amazon.

USED $ 2 96 + $3.99 shipping. The DLC isn't included I think?
RAGE doesn't require the map add-on. The Scorchers DLC unlocks a door that is in RAGE to the expanded map. Think of the DLC map looks like a small coin next to the larger RAGE coin.

I played the first level earlier today and...
a GTX 970 looks a lot nicer than I remember from when I ran RAGE on my GTX 465.
Fun FPS, fun driving, great graphics and story.

I'm from CANADA, EH! So i won't be able to ship it here... not without stupidly high import fees. I'm sure i'll find a copy.

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Have you played Rage yet?

Err. No. I still need to find a copy. I’ll get it. Don’t worry. I’ll post back here once i’ve played it.

UPDATE: Currently looking at which edition to buy. The Anarchy Edition just comes with some minor extras. No actual content. Does the Scorchers DLC come with a certain edition of the game?