Prenihility hates monitors - Part II

So if any of you remember my thread where I ranted and discussed about the entire state of the monitor market, you’ll remember that there’s really nothing there for me that I find fulfills my requirements. So I think in closing, to end this until the market becomes better; which I believe will happen thanks to 8K being introduced into TVs and probably pandered to people with the new generation of consoles.

I have a rather large desk and I think in the next 2-3 months i’m going to get a new display finally, after over 11 years. And it’s kind of funny, I never would have predicted I would get such a display. 10 years ago, yes? Not at this time. :laughing:

I think the smartest course of action for me is to get a 24" 120Hz Full HD panel with tilt/swivel action. The VG279Q would fulfill that requirement, however, it’s too large. ASUS’s designs are still too overly-designed for my tastes and just don’t look professional enough and neither do they give off enough of an overall serious tone in terms of design. They still look too much like they were co-designed by Hasbro. The ASUS is IPS, which is great, but still too large in my opinion for a 1920 x 1080 panel. Too much space. 24" is just perfect. And with that in mind, I look over at the VG248QZ but it just doesn’t have an IPS panel.

Hmm… :thinking:

Oh, and from my previous thread, I still have that underlying question because i’m still confused about it. The PG27UQ. I’m reading the notes about it on ASUS’s site. It says “1. true resolution: DP: 3840 x2160 @ 144Hz (overclocking)/ DP:3840x2160 @120Hz (native)/HDMI : 3840x 2160 (up to 60Hz 2.brightness: 600 cd/m² (typical/HDR on)”

WTF is overclocking Refresh Rate?! Back in the days of the Overlord monitors, didn’t people say they “skip” frames? Overclocking refresh rate? I highly doubt it’s the same as CPU overclocking in terms of reliability and longevity. No thank you.

Exactly what it sounds like. You are inputting a higher refreshrate into the monitor than it was designed for. As with anything overclocking, depending on Model and luck this can go good or not so much.
Some Manufacturers also allow “overclocking” the panel in the OSD. It’s basically running the panel at higher refreshrates sacrificing picture quality. Two examples:
My Dell 24" 1440p Display is a 60Hz Panel. By setting a custom resolution in the driver, i can run it at up to 81Hz without a Problem. 72Hz is perfect, anything above that i get a bit of glow and ghosting. Above 81Hz it won’t output anything.
My Asus 27" 1440p Monitor is rated at 144Hz and has an “Overclocking” option for 165Hz. Enabling that makes it consume more power and introduces slight ghosting. I leave that off, as i personally don’t notice the additional 21Hz.

I won’t comment on reliability or longevity as i don’t have a large enough sample set to know. Both my Monitors still work fine after setting everything back to stock. I ran both like this for about 3 months.
I don’t do either now. My Dell is used for Webbrowsing only, where 60Hz is well enough and on the Bigger monitor for Gaming, i can’t notice a difference between 144 and 165.

As per @domsch1988 it is what it sounds like. You do it through editing the EDID and setting it so it says to the os ir can try higher refreshrates but yeah depending on the monitor you might not get much. On both of mine I get 75 and 72hz over their standard 60hz. There are topics on it here but the sreach is next to useless unless you have some time to read them, I am on a phone at break.

I have not heard of it breaking a monitor, but it is certainly possible as are all things. When you go to far you just get an out of range error or a black screen. In windows when you change refresh rate it has a 15 second timer for you to say keep it there or it will fall back to the last working one.

Oh, ok. So the ROG Swift can GUARANTEED do 4K @ 120Hz, and POSSIBLY up to 144Hz.

Well honestly, guys. Call me weird, but I think the Dell S2419HGF is exactly what I would need. Has swivel and tilt most importantly so I can make room for something bigger in the future. And it’s gorgeous. It looks serious and PROFESSIONAL. If someone wants to sell a display for $2000, it simply HAS to do everything perfectly. And looking like it was designed by Fisher Price/Hasbro doesn’t fit the bill. It looks like ass. If there was one way I could describe it, it’s “immature”. As fuck…

And top it off with that silly-ass LED logo. Fuck right off…

There’s just nothing out there with the specs that hits all the check-marks. And when you do find all the specs you want, something’s amiss. And this Dell display can be outright cheap for what it offers. $200 CDN? PHEW! That’s pretty damn low for a monitor like that, if you ask me.



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And here I was thinking Viewsonic did something good. Nope. Go around the back of one of their monitors and you find this weird, angular design with shitty, big LED lights.

I’m so sick and tired of it. Go figure you need to turn to Dell to give you something that’s simply functional, presentable and professional. But apparently their 24" 120Hz panel isn’t great. Some colour and Black issues.

You seem to have to make compromises and there’s no way to simply have everything. Even at $2000.

A sub-$1000 TV with 4K and at 60+" exists. But you have to disproportionately go up in price as you go up in Resolution or really any feature when it comes to monitors. Makes me never want to buy a monitor again.

Is there really any justification for it? Is it like mainstream GPUs and Workstation GPUs? Stability and reliability = More cost? In the form of drivers for GPUs and hardware for monitors? It doesn’t make sense.

The fact alone Eizo does not have a 4k120 monitor should tell you a lot about the state of monitors.

That said, the Eizo Foris FS2735 or its smaller brother the FS2434 might be what you are looking for.

WOW! It’s like discovering Mitsubishi TVs for the first time. Holy shit…

But then what does that mean about the state of monitors if Eizo aren’t making them up to spec? And again, holy shit. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful, simple ENOUGH, yet so designed. Oh, my. Holy fucking christ.

WOW! I just need to stop and take in this beauty.

But their 24" 60Hz panel is $400 US from reading a review? I can’t really find these things anywhere. If that’s the case… that’s A LOT for a 1080p 60Hz panel. Even if it’s IPS. That’s a little nuts… Damn.

Eizo is speclialized in monitors. For air traffic, medical, etc. Applications that need the most reliable tech (redundant backlight and PSU for example).
And if they can not figure out a good way and do not deem any panel good enough for 4k120, then such a panel does not exist.

Oh, ok. I completely get it now. Then wow, I wonder just how well built a ROG Swift is, then. $2000? No thank you. But if the Eizo 1080p monitors are priced that way, then I wonder what a 4K unit costs…

I’m literally ready to upgrade here in the next 2 months. And i’m really, really anxious, excited, and irritated at the same time. My goal is to get a new display before I get Doom Eternal on November 22nd.


Samsung C24FG73?

A little too pricey, though… And it’s curved. :unamused: I never thought of how curved displays could affect productivity until someone brought it up. I was like “wait, drawing straight lines would totally suck…”. And i’m assuming i’m right?

I don’t see a point to curved.

I have a Samsung monitor (LS24F350HUXEN) and I like its contrast and black levels.

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Yeah, Samsung has the reputation as being one of the best display makers in the world. So I can’t see any of their monitors having issues. Apparently that one has ghosting issues and cloudy areas? Perhaps just an issue when they first were available.

Well, with that in mind, i’m back to the issue at hand. :joy:

Now what? At this point, searching is just tiring.

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I’m talking about the C24FG73

Oh, whoops.

I looked over Samsung’s site, and they literally don’t have any fast monitors with their nice Quantum Dot tech that aren’t curved.