Prenda Lawsuit for identidy Theft has ended

Thought I would bring news about The Prenda Law problem. So from my point, that Prenda took a loss and shit their pants hard.

So the Alan Cooper that Prenda said that signed th documents, was not the real Alan Cooper. The Prenda Lawyers to managed some of the part, engaged in identidy theft. The signature that was on the documents were assuming was Alan Cooper, whom was the past housekeeper of John Steele; however, it wasn't the the Alan Cooper that signed those documents. The real Alan Cooper said that someone else signed those papers. Which I would have to agree with that statement. The Prenda people thought Cooper was woozy.

So what Cooper did, he did file a countersuit against prenda for fraud. Which really caught Prenda with their underwear ripped in two. Sanction orders for them are really catching up to Prenda at $1,000 per day.

"You're not going to get damages out of me," she told Godfread. "I don't give damages when everyone is a fraud." The judge "appeared to be under the impression that Alan Cooper was complicit in Prenda's actions," wrote Sparby. Things seem to clear up once she read further into the order and saw that Cooper was a victim of the Prenda fraud, not a willing participant. But that didn't really result in a resounding win for Cooper, as Sparby explains:

Unfortunately, this new realization didn't seem to alter Judge Alton's stance on refusing to grant any damages. Godfread decided to approach it from a different angle, though. In lieu of damages, he suggested that Judge Alton order Prenda to return all of the settlement money it had received over the course of its campaign. Judge Alton rejected that suggestion saying that it wouldn't be possible unless, via discovery or other means, they are able to determine how much money that actually is.


The Judge then asked if Cooper had actually testified to the fact that he did not authorize the use of his name in the AF Holdings cases. Godfread confirmed that Cooper did testify to that. Then, talking to Godfread, Judge Alton said, "I can't find a conspiracy to harm him. I believe you but I can't find it."

She then made her order. She ordered that Prenda and its principals immediately cease using Alan Cooper's name, "and that's all. That's as far as I'll go."

In parting, she addressed Paul Hansmeier, once again saying, "I believe you to be in violation of a whole lot of rules." She then repeated her earlier statement that she was forwarding the case folder to the Lawyers Board.

Knowing me, I completely misunderstood the article again X_X

So that's that. Huh - I'm not sure what I expected.

I'm confused.

Remind me not to brain on 4hrs of sleep.

They should be fined, thrown in prison for fraud, and pay damages to the tune of 2 million per every lawsuit in alan coopers name. These people ruined lives, and should have their lives ruined.

Money talks. Everyone will forget about this story in a few months, and all we will care about is haswell, or the newest movie release.

yeah probably, but all the Prenda lawyers are now branded as incompetent scam artists. As soon as they start scamming again, they are going to get investigated, because every lawyer in the world knows them now. They are pretty much done.