Preliminary build oppinions

ok to start off: the cpu is actually $20 cheaper than listed ($80), the gpu will change if i don't get it on sale (good possibility) to a 7850, as much as i'd like to save $100 i refuse to pirate windows

the motherboard listed is mostly just a place holder, i'd like to over clock some (to start only as much as stock cooler will allow) but i dont need the best and i'd like to get something fairly cheap ~80-100(?), preferably something that could still be usefull when amd comes out with the next gen (i'm well aware that's a while off), also if possible i want one that doesn't resemble a clown (ie; 60 different colours on the board)

so yeah, motherboard choices greatly appresiated

i feel like i'm forgeting something but here:

edit: oh i'll be heading to microcenter for the cpu so anything i can get there for cheaper, it's a long drive and i want to get whatever i can from there

That case looks.....dubious. There does not seem to be many cable management options, or an air intake in the front. Also, $20 for a metal case is way too good to be true.

strange as it is it ought to hold the thing up about as well as anything else

last i checked newegg was pretty reliable but i'll take other cheap ass case sugestions

i chose this one becuase it just looks unique, like the display on the front, and i kindof have a soft spot for silver

bump, i updated the link to instead inclued that asus board that mysteryangel has recomended multiple times

i'm also thinking about the 7870 being pretty overkill, as much as i shouldn't need to upgrade for a pretty long time, i still hear lots of people talk about 7770s and they're half the price of the 7870, idk oppinions?