Preinstalled Windows OS

Bought a laptop. I’m going to upgrade it with a SSD and therefore have to do a fresh OS install.

Of course, the laptop comes pre-installed with Windows 8.  Does anyone know how to extract that copy of Windows 8 from the partition on the original hard disk or have any other recommendations as far as being able to use the copy of Windows 8 that comes preinstalled and using it to install on the SSD?

Any thoughts or help would be awesome!

Your windows activation key is usually on a sticker located on the bottom of your laptop.  Just download the Windows 8 ISO for your particular version from Microsoft.  Create a bootable USB (or you can burn the image to a disc), and then boot from your USB (or disc drive).  Go through the installation process.  At some point, you should be prompted for your Win 8 key.  Use the key on the bottom of your laptop.

You can also try cloning software.

This can be problematic depending on numerous factors, so I always recommend a fresh install if possible.