Preferred software for ripping cda to MP3

What are the preferred Windows audio CD ripping software around these parts? Found some old TV show sound tracks I want to upload and its been so long since I’ve messed with CDs, I’m not current.

  • tried to use VLC that is already loaded on my PC, but it rips at the speed of the music playing- I’m hoping for something that does better than that.

Just searched if Foobar2000 could do it

Pictoral guide


Exact audio copy is your friend. Very easy to use

It can rip to wav, flac, mp3 etc.
And it can check the accuracy of the ripped files against a online database.


Wow, awesome, after downloading the encoder pack foobar2000 rocks!

Sounds really good, almost want to download it to see it vs. foobar2000 as its been really impressive- it also validated titles, artist, album art work etc.

Exact audio copy can also collect the meta data, album cover, etc. I ripped my entire vs collection with it.


EAC aka. exact audio copy is what most folks on those fine music sharing sites are using.


EAC is very good.

It’s one of the few proprietary apps I use, and on Linux at that. There are rippers that can get the job done, but if you’re a stickler for doing things properly, there aren’t many alternatives to it.


Another vote for EAC here, it’s just the best one out there IMO.

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I used EAC a lot on Windoze, ripped my whole 2000 CDs with it before switching to Linux more than 10 years ago. On Linux, you can use cdparanoia / abcde. And do yourself a favor: rip lossless and use FLAC!

I have scripts to convert from FLAC to MP3 when i want to get MP3 for my car. Other than that, i play FLAC with Raspberry Pi / Volumio plugged into my Rega DAC-R via USB. It sounds marvelous!


I finally got sick of EAC under Wine falling over. abcde for the win. :slight_smile:

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Foobar2000 + lame(mp3) and flac encoders (I installed both of them separately, since I don’t need rest of the foobar’s official codec pack).

Eac is the best tool to rip CD to mp3 or flac or whatever.

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EAC also can deal with Audiobooks on CD. Audiobooks on CD won’t let you rip faster than 1x. EAC can read it bit exact with no errors.


Why not? Is it a technology related thing or does the company making the audiobooks not want someone ripping faster then x1?

For some reason, the data corrupts past 1x ripping speed, and the minimum on some rippers is 4x.

EAC can do 1x bit exact ripping on these audiobook discs so that you can actually rip them. iTunes couldn’t rip it, WMP couldn’t rip it… Even Goldwave couldn’t rip it, and it has a 1x rip mode.

I suspect they want it so people could only listen to it on a CD player at 1x, and ripping faster than 1x is obviously trying to copy it to another medium, so they made it so disc read speeds faster than 1x corrupt.

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