Preferred Mobile Devices

Hi, I wanted to see what everyone may be using for mobile gaming and whatnot.

I use a PSP 3000 with 32GBs for music and a plethora of emulated games as well as some of the PSP games that don't actually suck. I got this thing a couple or years ago for ninety bucks. Honestly I couldn't say it's that great for gaming mainly because the battery life is pretty lame. I may actually try to find a new battery sometime but I doubt it because I may be switching if anyone can convince me of a better device.

I don't use smart phones nor do I want one. I have a basic flip phone that works wonders for me. However, do any of you use smartphones that play emulators? I obviously have no idea of what's going on with smartphones these days. I think I'd get one if I could do that and also have plenty of space for music and whatever else I guess. I can say I'd more than likely never get an Apple device, but I'd still like to see about your experiences with them!

Something I wanted to ask about, how music memory can the newer devices have? I mean I'd be happy with less than a hundred gigs because I don't have a whole crud load of music or games.

tl;dr Tell me about your favorite mobile devices for music and gaming!

I think an android phone will work great, unless you really don't want one at all, but if you could consider it, keep reading.

If you get a new enough fast enough phone you can play tons of emulators. Here's a list almost all those emulators are on android. In order to play them you probably need at least a dual core phone, but even older phones from 2011 can play n64 games fine.

ePSXe is an emulator that can play almost every signle psp game at full speed with pretty much no problems.

I say an android phone to carry with you for games would be good because if you keep your flip phone the battery life wont be that bad on the android depending on the phone you get, since the phone part of the smartphone sucks up lots of battery. Most phones have at least 16gb of storage, and android games have to be on the phone storage but emulators can be on the sd card and if you get a phone with a micro sd slot you can pick up a 64gb card for $50 or 32gb for $30

I play emulators on my phone and I haven't tried the psp one but the n64 and Snes all work great. I have an HTC Vivid

If you do think about getting a smartphone I recommend a galaxy s3 or HTC One x for around $150. It can be a little pricey but it is tons of emulators in your pocket, if you like the portability.

I don't game much on the go, but I'll occasionally load up a game on my phone when I need to kill time.  I just have a few android games, I haven't done any emulation or anything.  I don't spend enough time on it for it to matter.  I got my phone for it's relatively compact size rather than it's horsepower, so I tend to keep things fairly basic on it.  Phone, text, web, e-mail, scheduling, weather, notes, voice recording, GPS, music, snapshots/videos, sports score apps, the occasional game or movie.  That's really about it.

The only other portable device (unless you count my laptop) that I use is my old Sansa mp3 player when I work out.  That way I don't risk breaking my phone.

The last portable gaming device I bought was a game gear when I was a kid.  Still have it.  Matter of fact, it's sitting on the shelf right next to me : )

If I'm gaming on the go, I'm torn between my Nintendo 3DS, or my smartphone (which, to be honest, if I'm playing a game, it's probably on a NES/SNES/GBA emulator...)

I think I will get a nice Android for all the emulators. I remember trying to play some N64 and SNES games on my PSP, and there's no reason to bother with the N64 because it's so laggy. Of course all the Gameboy/NES games run just fine on it. But I'd love to play some Super Smash Bros and Starfox while I'm out. Is it difficult to play games like that with a touchscreen though? I'd assume they would use emulated buttons and I'm sure it'd be a hassle with all the N64 buttons. Nonetheless I will probably look further into this. Thanks.

Strange I've never seen a Game Gear until I just now looked it up. First thing that came to mind was the N-Gage. Have any of you had a N-Gage though? I remember  trying to play one on display at an Eb Games several years ago and failing because there was too many buttons lol Old garbage tech can be interesting sometimes.

I used to love playing on my Nintendo DS Lite and DSi. I think I was just turned off for it after a certain age. Nintendo doesn't seem to make enough interesting games anymore for their handheld. At least not interesting enough for me to try playing them and whatnot.

A good alternative to using just a regular old android device to emulate games is the Sony Xperia Play.

          It is pretty old and runs on gingerbread, (thats what rooting is for!) but is enough to pretty dang near any old-ish game. (psp included)

          It will run you a little less that $200 dollars but comes with slide out psp controls that can be button mapped to the game.

When I'm on the go I don't do much gaming but when I do, I play Tetris on my phone.


I use my Nexus 7 (2013, 32 gig) mostly for gaming. And by gaming, I mean short distractions while I'm sitting on the toilet. 

I use my Note 3 as a primary phone. I have a 64 gig SD card with about 30 gigs of music on it. So that's my mobile music player most of the time. The sound quality seems a bit worse than my Nexus 4 though...

When I go play handball, I don't want to take that massive phablet with me - it's gets in the way, I'm afraid of breaking the screen, and I don't want to get it all sweaty; so I take my Sansa Clip+ MP3 player with a 32 gig SD card.