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Prefered OS migration procedure?

Looking at the new Ubuntu vs elementaryOS that I have now and I was wondering what forum members normally do when they prepare to migrate OS’.

I was planning on just copying my homedrive over to my other SSD and then installing ubuntu 20 but I’m guessing that isn’t the smartest way of doing things. What do you guys normally do when moving OS’?

I have different mount for /home -directory. Usually I just wipe / (root) partition and re-install operating system to it. Then I add the users to OS in same order as they were created previously. Finally I add the /home mount to fstab. And that’s it.

If one has many user accounts this is probably not the smartest way of doing it. I have seen tutorials online where /etc/shadow and /etc/passwd and users are migrated more better.

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check your package manager for a list of installed packages. if you are going from a Debian based system to another, you can use the list to reinstall most packages and your home directory need not be touched. hopefully you will have the same display manager or window environment so your configs can stay the same. I’m not sure why you are going from a Debian to another Debian unless you just want a different desktop. in which case you can log out of your desktop and switch to another environment if it is installed. if my gf wants to use my computer, she logs out of my account and switches to cinnamon, I log out of her’s and switch to mate.