Precision T3600 upgrade or not?

I received a t3600 from a customer it has 8gb ram 2 512md Quadro 300 and a Xeon E5-1603. I’ve got a 4100 Pro on the way. Want to see what this thing can do. My question is would it be worth it to throw a 6 core 1660 and 16 gb of ram into it. I’m gonna use it for photo editing and maybe gaming if it can hang.

Short answer - so long as it is not costing you much, yes, definitely.

Overall, it seems like an OK workstation to play with. I think the biggest issue you may have is the PSU as Dell used a non-standard PSU in those. If it is the smaller 425w PSU then adding a decent GPU to replace the old/weak Quadro you have could be a challenge. If it is the stronger 625w PSU then I think you’ll have two 6 pin PCI-E connectors that will allow a more powerful GPU to be installed.

So, simple photo editing should be fine as is, obviously more RAM would be nice. Semi-serious gaming, a new GPU, and possibly PSU plus adapters for the non-standard motherboard connector.

I use a 2006 mac pro to play quake champions and even shittier older hardware than that is still a good desktop nowadays. Get the quad core for that thing, the 6 will maybe boot but the bios will hang. Get a better cooler, liquid if possible, and some quad rank ram. That thing will scream like a banshee. If you have the option, go fore more cpu cache. Like 8-12 mb. Then throw a big ass gpu in there asd stream if you want.

If you have any questions board wise I use to hack the controllers and make them do stuff till they got too hot and popped. I know some of the board limits power wise if you were looking at big tdp chips.

Hell you know what theres better bios out there for the 3600 to make them run better chips. I’ll see if I can find a link to one that supports a 1660 or 1675.

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