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Pre-Purchasing weakness / VtM: Bloodlines 2?


I presume most of us are against pre-purchasing games before release, and I’ve been very good about not doing that. But is there a game that’s a weakness, that you have to fight particularly hard to resist preordering?

Mine right now is Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2. Speaking of… ANYONE ELSE STOKED!?

I do have some reservations - while I do like some action-RPG err…action, the original Bloodlines was genk as hell, and still kinda is, but that’s part of the charm, and really emphasized the RPG elements. So based on some very early, non-gameplay trailer, the game looks way more polished (oh how looks can be deceiving), and appears to more emphasis on action. While that could be great for gameplay fluidity, it could also potentially compromise the role-playing elements. So, I’m not sure what to think, BUT I WANT TO BUY IT.

Please share your thoughts!

EDIT: Also, someone please knock some sense into me about prepurchasing. Thanks.

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you get nothing by getting it early, but gain a ton from waiting. It could be broken day one, could be a terrible game, could be filled with micro transactions. Gone are the day’s of scarcity, don’t preorder.

yes! I do have major doubts but am hopeful. Going to wait a month after release however

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different studio, different engine, and 14 years in between

We’ve seen this before with fallout 3 and bethesda had to hire the original devs to come and un-shit the franchise.



Stoked to hear about it? Yes

Pre purchase? Never!!

Paradox(? i think) are the publisher so that’s at least some level of confidence, but still. Never pre-order. You will always be able to buy the game post-release and the pre-order “bonuses” are generally crap you don’t need.