Pre-Paid Phones

Question: If you purchase a pre-paid phone (i.e. Moto E), do you HAVE to purchase the service for it? Or can you just purchase the phone alone (for review or for the lulz)?

Thank you!

I think sometimes you get the phone in a package with a month of service or something, but you should be able to get just the phone.

MKBHD does it and so does Unbox Therapy does it as well, so I'd like to just confirm that 100%. Like if you  buy one from amazon (like the Sharp Aquos with Boost), would you HAVE to buy the service too. Thanks!

Thanks Demagolka. 

If you buy any phone off contract you do not have to purchase service for it. EBay is a great place to find lightly used or refurb phones. I've seen a lot of people by phones with SD card slots so they can use them as IPod's without any data.

Is Amazon a viable option next to EBay to purchase off contract phones, just like off of EBay?