Pre Overclocked Cards

Im looking at getting a new GPU and i was wondering if i could just oc the stock card to have the same power


Pre Overclocked

Please Help ???????

You probably could. And I say probably because to be honest the only real advantage that comes with a factory oc'd card (unless it's a DCUII or Lightning that uses higher quality hardware in general), is that the card is guaranteed to run at those clocks. That being said, OCing a GPU is ridiculously easy with software like TRIXX and EVGA Precision, so if you pick up a less expensive card that isn't factory OC'd, you'll be able to OC it very easily given the exact card you get isn't a piece of crap. Which, apparently, can happen.

It should also be mentioned that the price difference there might also be due to the fact that the stock card is just using the reference cooler, while the factory OC'd card is using the Gigabyte Windforce cooler, which should achieve cooler temperatures and allow you to OC even further than their factory oc.

You don't buy a factory overclocked card for the factory overclock, you buy it for the much better cooler, which allows even higher overclocks.

and for the warranty of an OC card :)

So is it worth the extra cash