Pre loading fallout 4 now

Sorry guys

couldnt resist, i know pre ordreing is the devil but...

it's freaking fallout!

and pre-ordering / pre-loading means I get to play it THE VERY SECOND it unlocks :D

... please nvidia, please dont screw this game up

as long as I can turn the performance crippling 'god rays' off I am assuming it will be fine

If you have a 7950 or higher I can nearly just flat out tell you that you'll get around 60 fps 1080p with settings maxed out unless Bethesda has really outdone themselves. This is the one game I would preorder, but

  1. My computer doesn't run
  2. I can't afford it. For the price of the game, I could get Valves entire collection
  3. It will come down in price

That said, I'm not going to be able to play it for like half a year...

9370 clocked at 4.6 (i like the temps and volts at this frequency so I dont push it further)
32gb 2133 ram
evo 840 500gb
saphire r9 390x

I am hoping for 1440p with almost everything maxed but as I said nvidia's 'godrays' may cripple framerates like they did in far cry, as long as I can turn them off it should be fine

Pre ordering major beth games is safe I'd say.
GOTY every time.

And yeah, got pretty stumped when they talked about gameworks, hope its more like farcry 4 than project cars.

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Thanks for the heads up, preloading now :D

Only game I've preordered since BF4.


Why don't devs just implement the features of game works into their games??? The 390 and 380 are incredibly appealing, but it sucks when your favorite game series uses a proprietary ,earns of achieving a greater experience.

boat load of cash + work you dont have to do your self = gameworks


The issue with gameworks is that it doesn't let a company optimize for AMD hardware during development a lot of times.
Also nvidia doesn't provide source code, DLLs only for tons of features which renders devs unable to tweak code.
But the biggest harm gamework does is doing silly things like overtesselation to harm AMD performance, good example of that being the batman cloak being rendered with ludicrous amounts of triangles.
Also sloppy things like crysis 2/3 where the sea was being rendered underneath the map, where nobody could see it with extreme tessellation.
Also that one rope that had houndreds of thousands of triangles from tessellation regardless of your range to it, just getting it on screen introduced a heavy performance drop.

If nvidia played fair they could have gone out and proved it really easily, but they haven't.

Okay. I understand now. So since SC uses a crap ton of polygons for rendering does that mean AMD users are going to be screwed on massive maps or... It's so disappointing to see devs take the easy way out. I'm fine with GW but we need AMD to release a driver of some sort on launch for big titles so that the cards are properly optimized.

In Latin, invidia is the sense of envy or jealousy, a "looking upon" associated with the evil eye, from invidere, "to look against, to look at in a hostile manner."[1] Invidia ("Envy") is one of the Seven Deadly Sins in Christian belief.

got to hand it to whoever named the company...

green with envy :D

yeah right, I envy you not :P


SC isn't really the same thing.
Gameworks would be totally okay if nvidia opened up the source code like AMD does for their stuff (and literally every other company)
And let AMD optimize the code for their hardware.
Nvidia is even hurting their own hardware by doing this stuff, increasing demand without increasing IQ anything.

I pre-loaded it already too, Fallout, or Bethesda games in general, are the only things I'd consider pre-ordering, they take care of their communities, and I'm certain this game will be epic, I mean they've had 7 years and like ten days to do it.

Gameworks is pointless, there will be mods that look better.


Thanks man, I was checking the pre-download option yesterday. Was not available yet...I did not notice until your post...

PS4 and Xbone use AMD chips. Saying it won't be optimized for them is ridiculous. Thus far this thread is nothing but fanboi rage. NEWSFLASH you can turn Gameworks off.

Fallout masterrace


You mean like project cars?
Just look how that went, 290x not beating a 960.

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Dammit. You are the reason that the gaming undstry keeps fucking us over. Forking over cash before you have seen if the game is any good. And now they ramped up the price 10 bucks because Activision got away with. If you want the complete game it is 90€.

...I just pre loaded it too. It's freaking Fallout...

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That doesn't bode well tbh...