Pre-load Rise of the Triad Now!

You can now pre-load Rise of the Triad on Steam! Idk about GOG though, they won't accept my card. Who else is pulling an all-nighter tonight? 

I have a Teamspeak server as well if anyone wants to play with me. Will be recording for a release night montage (:

I'll be there.

Preloading right now. Got it on steam too. If ya want to add me its c4maniac on steam.

Preloaded :) 

Is it playable at midnight or must we wait until sometime later tomorrow? My user on steam is the same name as well if anybody is down to play; I'll definitely be playing tonight assuming the games's available.

I'm still wondering what the actual release time is as well, I'm hoping it's midnight.

I think the qustion should be can the servers handle the zerg rush when it does release.

GOG won't accept my card either...

According to some guy in the steam chat for the game... 22 hours left.

Can't wait :D I'm all set up and ready to go!

Interceptor Ent told me on twitter that it won't be out until noon PST tomorrow for Steam users :(