Pre Built Rigs

Hello Tek,


What are your opinions in general of websites that build gaming rigs with parts you specify?


Are they a good option for first time pc gamers?


Are the prices tooo high?


Ever used one? 

Only good one is IronSide Computers dont even try ebay

Ok I bought my computer from cyberpower pc..When i was building it (as in picking out the parts i want) i checked reviews on every can check my profile and see my computer specs there..Some people say they have bad parts or are refurbished parts, but i do not think this is so..I believe they did not check reviews on parts and bought a crap part and most of the time it is was some generic power supply that failed..Also if you do go this route i would wait until they have a bonus ram free video card upgrade sale..I even compared part for exact part when having this built, and the prebuilt was cheaper because of the the bonuses and free upgrades..

Edit: It may seem like I am all for the custom prebuilt..I am not, I wish i would have built my own just to do it..If you are having fears about building your own, don't just grow some testiclees throw that fear out the window, and build you some greatness that is you and yours alone..If you have trouble this forum will help you..

I know no websites that make good prebuilt PCs. All of them that I've seen were varying degrees of horrible.

There's no reason whatsoever to get prebuilt.

I agree with the above, there is no reason at all to go pre built, it doesn't take long to assemble a pc and its always good to know the intimate insides of your machine. 

only for the most balling of ballers.

In 2010 I used and got a £600 pre built customized pc. At the time I didn't have the confidence or inclination to build a new pc from scratch.

Over the years I've read up and have been upgrading this rig successfully in small steps. I started with upgrading the RAM, then I found it satisfying to play with the parts in my computer so I've gone on to upgrade the wireless, SSD, sound card and now I have a new GPU and Power supply coming this week.

Doing this has really given me the confidence now this rig is pretty maxed out and works great that I will build my next pc from scratch.

So you could do why I did and use it as a stepping stone.

The issue is that you loose money paying for it to be pre built and it's difficult to stop cheap & crappy parts getting inside it. Typically the PSU, CPU cooler, ram & fans can be cheap and nasty. But they are easy enough to replace and you get things like warranty etc etc