Practicing Programming Languages

What are some good ways to practice programming languages? I know some rudimentary C#, python, and Java but I have trouble just going back to it whenever I’d like to make something. A bit like real languages, or anything else you’ve learned for that matter. I’ve been recommended to just find things to make for myself, but I’m terminally unimaginative. Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance.

Part of programming is practical application. Computers solve problems, so find a problem that a computer can solve or simplify.

Have a look at what @Dynamic_Gravity did recently.

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Come up with a project and fuckin go for it.

C# :

Build a website - You will learn modern backend and frontend.
Build a simple desktop application - checklist/wishlist, notepad/sticky note.
Build an inventory management system - Forms, Databases, GET/POST, etc.

Python :

Experiment with scripting. Run tasks in Linux, call Python with PowerShell, call Powershell with Python.

Experiement with PyGal - What’s something you check regularly? Does it have an API? Use Python to generate the information and make it look badass with PyGal. Don’t like how it looks? Implement some styling to clean it up.

Django - Modern web framework that is simple and kicks ass.

Java :

Similar to projects in C#, you can rewrite them in Java.

Java has some cool AI libraries, look into those if you’re interested.

Branch out within the JVM, Scala and Clojure are really powerful.

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Appreciate it @anon79053375.