Practechalities: A Solution To Excess GPU Heat and Noise

New video from the TrEyeClops team, @DeusQain and Oseyeris. On solutions to problems, in this case excessive amounts of heat and noise.


Was ok, not a strong opening but not a weak video at all. Can't wait to see more stuff by them, hope its semi consistent.

Good content. I like the theme of solutions to problems and this was indeed probably the best solution.

I had a somewhat similar solution to my problem which was graphics on Linux. Though no immediate issue nvidia was giving me some issues now and then and the binary drivers where just not happy.

Solution was to move to the new amdgpu platform with a RX 480 and its working out exceptionally well.

@MFZuul that kind of stuff gets refined over time I think that will be noticeable. Content and information is king to me overall.

@DeusQain any other problem: solution ideas or you keeping them quiet for now?


That teaser at the end, hype!


I missed that..... forgive me for my sins @DeusQain, that shizz looks cool

1.) Build a box with the interior lined with noise dampening foam, or line your pc case with dampening foam.

This guy reduced the noise of 12 Delta fans using this very method. Skip to 2:54 to hear the difference.

2.) Mod your GPU with a better efficient and quieter cooling solution like I did for my 290x.

3.) Wire your PC to a separate room and your desktop workspace in another room. This is what DIY perks did for his first custom build PC. @ 2:36 in the video.

Was one of the first to see this, I really like it.
Easy way to prove new tech is a worthwhile investment w/things like wattage, something I think is frequently overlooked along with heat. Seriously without mic game that room sounds like a turbine lol.

or... ya know this

All the heat generated by your hardware still has to go somewhere. You may be able to keep the temps down, but the heat is still being generated and vented into the air. Doesn't matter if it's quiet. You will still have to cool the surrounding air.


I see some great content in the future for our viewing pleasure.

Yeah video cards nowdays have become realy efficient.
Even AMD has made some huge progress with their 14nm finfet technology.
The RX480 or the GTX1060 are both realy efficient cards.
But the RX480 still holds 2304 stream processors on the die, and it performs better then a single 290X.

I do have to say that the vrm on the Asus RX480 Strix OC is massively overkill.
Which also helps allot on the efficiency ofc.

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That's the trade off right? last gen tech a bit cheaper with the same performance but way more power consumption and heat. I have a KFA2 980ti HOF at 1500Mhz it beats the 1070 even overclocked to 2Ghz. But it pulls more watts and generates more heat. I saved around 150 -200 EUR by picking a last gen GPU.

Wow, I didn't realize just how efficient graphics cards have gotten. I've got a 780 Ti which has a TDP of 250W. An RX 480 is 150W for similar performance. I also spent something like $800 CAD on the card a few years ago.

Dammit i missed that too...@DeusQain ...You played a Marvel on us...

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It really was getting a bit ridiculous and people begun to feel that in their power bill...Both companies had to start designing with power in mind..They were already too late on the matter...

I don't know about the solution provided in the video. It's expensive as a solution. Maybe just having a DisplayPort splitter might have solved the problem instead of using two video cards just to get the video output? Even better than that, if available on the motherboard, he could've run the monitors off of the iGPU in the processor.

the display port spliter could be a possibility, though you'd have to go down in performance per monitor, or have it in crossfire, which is not solving the problem. And I don't know which CPU he's got, maybe it does not have an iGPU, for the 1080p monitor exclusively, i suppose.

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iGPU and a dGPU don't usually play nicely, that being said it can be done, just depends on your motherboard / bios.

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Sure depends on the config he's using. I've suggested this trick to someone in the forum and reported that everything worked nice so that's why I said that.

It would be worth a shot, however I think they needed several DP outputs so probably wasn't viable.