Powmax phantom case

Hello everyone!

I have been trying to find the name of this case forever, and I finally found it. The downside is that it's discontinued. My dad and I built a computer way back in 2006 that included this case as a barebones kit. I would really appreciate if any of you have it laying around and are trying to get rid of it, or if you know where I can buy one new online. It would mean a lot to me if anyone can help me out, I'm trying to relive childhood memories.


i think this will be realy hard to find, i allready checked ebay, but couldn´t find one. If you are lucky maybe some one has one laying arround.

Good luck.

It looks like a modded OEM case which is a bit weird. If only phantom were to see this. it would be a bit funny. The front of the case has a similar resemblance to his avatar lol

It's a really shitty case, I used it for years though, just as a chassis. No side panels, the front plastic was ripped off, I had a USB 2.0 header zip-tied onto the front of it. I eventually built my cousin a mediocre gaming rig and used it for that project, but I'm looking to build some sort of home media server and I want to use this case. It just brings back childhood memories, thanks for looking around Ebay for me :3

Yeah, all I could find were some shitty cases and old power supplies.

Also, that profile picture...

I'm glad you like it haha