Poweshell navigation

I’m not going to lie, its been a long time since I have operated in a command line. Last time was in the 80’s & 90’s Dos days and I have seemingly forgotten how to navigate simply through my computer…
I’m attempting to navigate through Powershell and can’t. It seems as though they don’t navigate exactly the same. (I’m really feeling humbled)

What is the difference between Powershell Powershell (x86) Powershell ISE Powershell ISE (x86) ? Does it matter which one I operate in?

My excuse is that I have done nothing but operate specific software such as CAD, Excel etc… Daily since then, heck I didn’t even bother with my PC…

All that said, does anyone have any suggestions for me? (how to learn this system) It seems like Elementry Kids work in the Powershell these days and write their own code. I guess you could just tell me to do a Google search for most of my questions… Just wanted to communicate with others.

I’m attempting to follow Wendell on his Sysmon video and riding the struggle bus…

Thank you!

PowerShell 101 by Mike F Robbins ??? is this suggested by the hive-mind??

Powershell and Powershell (x86) are the regular shell environments. Generally speaking there is not much difference. One is x64 and one is x86. If you start getting deep into scripting and or deploying powershell scripts via MECM (aka SCCM), there are differences. . . .but that’s a rabbit hole.

ISE stands for “Integrated Scripting Environment”. This is the built in Windows tool for creating PowerShell scripts. Its a suitable IDE, though I personally prefer VS Code with the PowerShell extension because dark mode! :smiley: But also Git integration and other super awesome extensions. The only difference that I am aware between the two ISE versions is bitness (x64 vs x86).

Not sure of any specific books. The docs.microsoft.com articles on the command you are wanting to use will be extremely helpful! Personally I’ve just googled what I am wanting to do in Powershell (or at least the sub component I am working on) and there are typically lots of blog articles/help discussing the concepts or ideas. Plus lots of trial and error!