Powerful Budget Phones

Hey All, I am a person still stuck in the past without a smart phone and I am ready to take the leap so to speak. I am trying to find recommendations for a good budget phone with good price to performance. I am not a big social media person and will probably only use the phone for games every now and then but I just don't have an interest in spending more than around $200-$250 on a phone. the investment has just never seemed necessary cause my phone is essentially my texting device and I may actually call someone around fifteen to twenty percent of the time. I just don't want to be the guy using the equivalent of the 90's brick phone in the next few years. Any tips and or recommendations about what to check out or look for for someone on a budget, that would be awesome and helpful. thanks and go Tek Syn.

Who is you carrier?

a new samsung galaxy S3 is a great phone in your budget.

I would highly recommend the Moto G or if you like Windows phone, I believe you can get the Lumia 630 for about the same price.

right now my carrier is t-mobile so i am looking for something I can just buy and pop in my sim card and go

+1 on Moto G


thanks the lumia 630 and moto g look like they would be good especially for the price range. I pretty much just use windows on my home pc but sometimes mess with linux but I have never used windows mobile software is it worth it or is android a better way to go?

also im cool with just 8GB if there is a micro sd slot which the lumia 630 has but on newegg the moto g specs didn't say if there was a micro sd slot and If i do decide to put lots of music and some games on it I would like for to be able to expand the space.

Powerful budget phone right now is the OnePlus no doubt. If you can get an invite that is. Good luck with finding a new phone.

Just make sure that if you get the Moto G, you get the 4G LTE varriant.  It'll be worth it, trust me.

moto G without 4g wifi is everywhere

+1 for the Moto X

GSM: Try the Moto G 4G, cant go wrong there

CDMA: Try the Nokia Lumia 822. 99$ unlocked on amazon, and I am running windows 8.1 dev preview on it with unbelievable response. Heck, use it even for GSM network, it has the compatibility. And as it has micro sim slot and super crisp amoled display, i am loving it more everyday.

always the NEXUS line. the nexus 5 is about to take a price drop due to the Nexus 6/X

I got an Xperia Z last october on contract for £27 p/m with o2 in the UK, Quad core 1.5Ghz Krait with 2GB RAM and 1080p screen, rooted it and got CM11 on it, its a beast!