Poweredge T710 Help

Hi all, First things first. If this should be moved to enterprise just do it :slight_smile:

I am the proud owner of a basically empty Dell Poweredge T710 (I got it for about $35 AUD) and I would like some assistance in selecting hardware and understanding what all the angry pixies can do.

I was originally configured as this but it only has the 1100W redundant supplies, Motherboard, Fans, Heatsinks, DVD drive and Drive Backplane.

Since I don’t have the ducting anymore, could I install maybe aftermarket coolers? maybe like a pair of Noctua coolers? (big fan, pun intended)

It also appears to still have the iDRAC6 Enterprise controller installed, whatever that is.

Any help would be awesome :slight_smile:

Okay you can buy the redundant powersupply if you want. However it won’t be needed unless you are doing something super crazy with it. It’s mainly for the event of power failure or powersupply failure in a datacenter.

You don’t have the internal fan ducting? I don’t entirely understand what you are asking.
The internal fans all of the Poweredge blades need to be matching and be the specific ones they used. They have an RPM threshold limit that is burned into the bios. It throws errors if its out of wack.

I just read the T part and realized its a tower. I don’t think its the same as a blade but It may throw up some errors.

TLDR Idrac is usually used on a seperate management VLAN so you can see if there is hardware failures and other things going on with the machine. AKA, a drive failed in your raid you get an alert go change it etc. If it’s on a none DataCenter network it won’t really matter for you. But feel free to set an IP to the Idrac LUN and go to the web interface for it. You will get a better understanding of what it does.